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Deliver Your Onboarding Process Effectively, With These Straightforward Ideas

by Olufisayo
Onboarding Process

Helping new recruits find their feet in their new roles is one of the many responsibilities of HR. A successful onboarding process should equip new employees with the skills, knowledge, and understanding they need to succeed within the business, to flourish in their new working environment, and to help you with employee retention.

Sadly, many onboarding processes are lacking in these key essentials. Stagnant training methods and dull delivery combined with slow software and a lack of communication throughout the process can undermine your new recruits before they’ve even made it to lunch.

Here we’ll explore how you can deliver your onboarding processes effectively, with these straightforward ideas.

Upgrade your software

Providing a seamless candidate and employee experience reflects how professional you are as a business and how much you respect and value your employees. The best way to achieve this is by upgrading your current software.

HR onboarding software for new employees plays an essential part in the entire process, from familiarizing themselves with your business to completing useful admin tasks with just a few clicks, engage new starters with interactive learning, videos, and presentations, and even access the software at home so they can complete training in their own time.

The days of long meetings in front of a PowerPoint screen are over. Investing in the latest in HR onboarding software can revolutionize your induction process and enhance your reputation as an employer who is invested in their employees.

Remember that one-size doesn’t always fit all

We all learn in different ways – some new recruits may prefer going through the material on their own and then returning to you with completed forms and queries. Others may prefer a presentation, or visual materials to help them get to grips with policies and jargon.

Others like to have a more 121 approach. During the recruitment process, it may be worth finding out how your chosen candidates prefer to learn. That way you could tailor the induction process to their needs and ensure better knowledge retention and understanding.

Bring in the big boss!

There’s nothing more disengaging than a CEO or business owner who doesn’t seem to show an interest in their new employees. Getting the boss involved in the process can really make your employees sit up straight and take things seriously. Invite them to ask questions and to provide feedback. Involvement with high ranking professionals in the business creates less of a “them vs us” mentality. It brings inclusivity and fairness into the induction and the workplace.

And finally, remember to keep “checking in”

The onboarding process should last for more than just a day. New starters should always be approached for support and for feedback. Checking in with employees shows that you care about their wellbeing and their understanding. If there is an issue, then they may be more inclined to come to you with it, rather than struggling in silence or quitting their job.

Checking in creates a positive working environment that all employees can benefit from.

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