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Online Canadian Business Is Thriving – Here’s Why

by Olufisayo
Why Online Canadian Business Is Thriving

As a startup business, the better you are at zoning in on your target market, online or otherwise, the more success you will have because you’ll be attracting relevant prospects. You’ll know you’re doing this in the online world because suddenly the right people are searching you, boosting your rankings on their engine of choice.

If you’re a local or Canadian-based company, bear in mind most of your users will be using the Canadian extension of popular search engines like Google or Yahoo! Therefore, partnering with a Canadian web host is recommended as it’ll boost your SEO when searches are geographically specific.

Why Online Canadian Business Is Thriving

Another reason why Canadian companies choose a local service provider to run and maintain their website is security. Citizens who operate websites in United States are subject to what is knows as the Patriot Act, meaning their private databases located on American servers, often storing great amount of their history and online activity, can be infiltrated by authorities should they have enough cause. Websites running on Canadian servers do not need to worry about this potential upheaval.

Many service providers who host Canadian websites have been starting to promote themselves as Canadian – but their servers are all in fact located in the United States and so your files will be too. Be diligent and do your research before choosing a service. Any service that also outsources their customer support network to other countries is something to watch out for as the personnel available to assist you may not understand the unique needs Canadian companies come to them with.

Choose a certified Canadian web host with a personal, local, award winning customer support team, and you’ll find yourself on the right track to building a business that caters to your local targets online as well as off. To give just one example — HostPapa is a Canadian company that has their headquarters in Burlington, Ontario and prides itself on its truly low-density servers allowing for clients and users alike to enjoy faster speeds. Furthermore, they’re local customer care centre offers a full knowledge base to search through, video tutorials, open live chat, 24/7 access by phone or e-mail as well, and a dashboard where you can make changes to your service.

If you’re a local business like a shop or restaurant for example, or if you’re a private clinic only offering your services within a certain geographical range, having an abundance of irrelevant or mistaken clicks will not provide you with the results you’re looking for. With this Canadian webhost however, you can rest assured that your targeting efforts will reach your intended audience without as much bleed over from those using non-Canadian search engines.

By streamlining your services to be reflective of where you’re located, you’ll increase online traffic from prospective customers that you’ll actually be able to serve. Partnering up with a Canadian webhost, or switching to one, helps the online presence of online Canadian businesses to thrive by increasing their visibility in the searches that matter.

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