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Seven Organic Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Website

by Olufisayo
Organic Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Website

As the world is getting more advanced, the dependency on both technology and the internet is growing with each passing day.

The majority of people will tell you that the internet has become an essential need like food and clothes and they cannot comprehend their life without it.

Many businesses now rely heavily on digital marketing and other online techniques for their campaigns and outreach. A considerable quantity of companies will fail if they lose their influence online.

Many businesses are looking at different ways to maintain or improve their online presence and generate traffic to their websites, such as using various tools such as content upgrade to create SEOs.

Using SEO is one such way where you can improve the quality of your website and in turn, generate more traffic to increase the rankings of your website.

Now you can attract online traffic by following these tried and tested seven strategies.

1.     Define your Organic Traffic Strategy:

If you want long term success of your website and intend to increase traffic for your website, it is imperative to have a clear SEO plan in place.

Your plan should clearly state your objectives and the steps that you will take to achieve them.

The reason behind it is that you can set realistic goals that you can meet so that you can eventually achieve the long term goals of your company.

If you plan to increase the overall traffic and are not too focused on converting those users into customers, then you can be too broad with your campaigns.

You should start with one main goal for your SEO work and have two minor goals, which you can then split into deadlines ranging from 3-12 months. It will help to ensure that your strategy stays on track.

2.     Evaluate and assess the performance of your website:

Before you go and work on the technical performance of your SEO, you need to analyze the current status of your website. An effective way you can do that is by activating the Google Search Console.

You will have to verify the ownership of the website by copying and pasting the code into the DNS configuration. After this, you will have access to a detailed insight into the structure and technical health of your website.

There are several other tools you can use, such as SEO Analyzer, Nibbler, and Dareboost. These will provide you with quality insights about the performance of your website.

These tools do not offer the quality of insight as compared to Google Search Console, but they assist you in highlighting problem areas. Once you have noted the concerns, you can work on them to improve your website performance.

3.     Keep a closer view of your competitors and your audience:

To improve your rankings and attract organic traffic, first, you should identify your target audience and put all your efforts towards them.

Realistically speaking, you can’t cater to all the market segments in your country. So you should choose which section to target so that you can maximize your profits by focusing on them.

Google Analytics can provide you with insights about who regularly visits your website so that you can differentiate between the users and see which users are converting into your customers.

You can also identify your competitors based on the ranking of websites depending upon the keywords you will likely target. You should also look up the different social media sites to see which of your competitors are gaining followers across different platforms.

You should note down which advertising techniques they are using to promote themselves and other such efforts.

By doing all this homework, you can make an accurate impression about where you are standing and how much work you have to do to catch up with them.

4.     You should know the SEO strategies implemented by your competitors:

Now that you have identified your competitors, you should look up their SEO strategies and other content to get an idea of their success.

When doing your research, you should monitor all the reasons why their website is superior to yours so that you can make regular changes to adapt accordingly.

You can check the age of their domain by using the free domain age checker tool and see how long the website has been around. Google needs to assign values to sites by checking their history.

You can also find out about your competitors using the same tool and identify the key areas where they are superior to you and how you can cope up.

5.     Maintain a frequency of posts:

If you write a blog, you will likely not have time to maintain the same rate over a considerable time. Search engines do not like those websites that are inactive, which eventually affects the rankings of such sites. If you write blogs, you do not need to worry much since it isn’t tough to regularly maintain the frequency of the blog. You can post regular updates if you can organize your work — always remember to write articles about your niche.

6.     The website should be easily accessible:

The usability refers to how easy it would be for a user to use and navigate your website. Google gave an edge to those websites that are user-friendly while ignoring those sites that are difficult to navigate through. You can improve the usability through SEO improvements since they will be good for your rankings other than being beneficial for the users.

Get the help of an SEO professional if you are not sure how to address the concerns related to the SEO. They will understand the core issue better and help you to climb up the rankings.

7.     Once you create a marketing strategy, stick to it:

After you have dealt with the different problems related to the content and technical structure of your website, it is time to focus on the marketing strategy.

Content marketing relates to creating and publishing valuable content on reliable websites in return that they share the link of your site on their webpages. You should avoid paying for the links since it is a violation of Google guidelines, so you should encourage them to promote your content.s

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