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Packaging Tips for Your E-Commerce Business – How to Find the Right Package

by Olufisayo
Packaging Tips for Your E-Commerce Business

#1. Find the Perfect Packaging

The most basic of e-commerce packing advice is to determine the appropriate packaging design to deliver your products to your customers/clients. Of most importance is to select the right materials, size, and package design. These factors are the most essential to consider when selecting the right packaging for your company.

The package’s size is the first aspect to consider. This is dependent on the size and weight of the product you stock and sell. You must ensure that the package is not too big or too little for the product contained therein.

Smaller packages are generally more cost-effective since shipping costs are reduced. On the other hand, larger boxes can hold more products and, if shipped in a corrugated box, may even provide added protection for the items.

Furthermore, the product you’re shipping inside will influence the ideal material to manufacture the package. If the product is hefty, cardboard boxes are the most popular choice. On the other hand, if you are selling and shipping sensitive and fragile products that require extra protection, a corrugated box constructed of numerous paperboard sheets is far better.

#2. Use Multipurpose Tape

Because the UK is such an e-commerce-heavy market, companies are always looking for innovative methods to make the most of their packing resources and tools. Packing tape is a big deal since it can be used for various tasks. Tape Jungle UK is a good place to go if you’re interested in personalized tape for your business.

Packing tape’s main purpose is to strengthen and hold a package together. If you use bespoke tape, you can add additional security to the tape. The bespoke tape will act as a theft deterrent (as no one else gets to use your bespoke tape) and will negate instances of the item getting lost or mixed. This is in addition to the greater product protection that custom tapes provide packages, especially fragile items.

Additionally, you can use this tape to promote your business. Including your logo and company name on the tape will perform three functions: secure parcel sealing the product package, theft protection, and brand marketing.

#3. Use Green Packaging

Making your packaging ecologically friendly is another great packaging tip every e-commerce enterprise should pick up.  People in the UK have been demanding eco-friendly packaging as e-commerce has grown, even if it implies higher shipping charges.

If you ship your products in recyclable packages, it will improve your brand’s public perception while decreasing trash in the environment. Furthermore, government subsidies are frequently given to companies that create minimal external costs to the environment. As a result, moving to environmentally friendly packaging is a no-brainer.

#4. Use The Packaging To Advertise Your Brand

Using your packaging to promote your brand is a lucrative marketing strategy. Shipping boxes are typically dreary and uninteresting, but it does not have to be like that. Making your packaging one-of-a-kind can be beneficial to you. A made to order clear plastic carton is a great way to display your product.

Customers will respond positively to having your business name and logo on bespoke packaging. You may also print instructions and personalized notes and your consumers.

Adding website QR codes and/or URLs that direct customers to your site or feedback forms are another way to promote your business. This encourages customer engagement while also providing you with critical feedback. Alternatively, you can also print your company’s discount coupons to encourage clients to order from you again.

#5. Use Creative Designs When Creating The Package

Because e-commerce competition is fierce in the United Kingdom, authenticity and uniqueness can go a long way toward ensuring customer/client satisfaction. Digital printing has radically transformed the formula, so packages no longer have to be dull.

You no longer have to restrict yourself to the traditional standard boxes; beautifully designed courier bags, pouches, and differently-shaped packages can work better to entice your clients.

To keep your brand fresh, you should provide a choice of packaging options for various items. Avoid clients becoming tired of your package by using unique messages, phrases, and artwork on each product packaging option. By taking this approach to developing your company’s packaging development, you’ll make s unpacking experience for every product or product cycle unique. Furthermore, you can tailor the package to specific markets.

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