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Perfection for Punters: Creating the Ultimate Pub Experience

by Olufisayo
Creating the Ultimate Pub Experience

A pub is a place where friends, families and colleagues can get together on friendly ground to enjoy an informal get together, a meal or a performance. The staple of most pubs is the humble beer, which is at the centre of most interactions taking place within the pub walls.

It’s important that a pub gets these important cornerstones in order before committing to fancier or less critical details. Other than arranging an array of quality drinks and snacks, a bar also needs a huge range of glassware, serving-ware and bar supplies.

These vessels provide the physical touchpoint to customers – so it’s crucial that they’re of a high quality to ensure customers leave feeling like the glass is half full.

Creating the Ultimate Pub Experience

Decide Your Vibe

When it comes to creating a unique and memorable pub, it’s important to decide on which type of crowd you’re aiming to attract. If you’re looking for a young, hip clientele, the decisions you make in regard to fit-out, decor and entertainment options will be different to what you may offer an older, more well seasoned (or more monied) clientele.

If you’re aiming for eclecticism, don’t be afraid to make curatorial or design decisions which are unusual. Not everyone’s experience of the perfect pub is a themed bar – many just want a good all-round local to unwind after a long day at work.

Food For Thought

Food is another major area in which a pub can set itself apart from competitors. There are countless ways to create a food menu which is impactive, well-loved and able to be eaten by regulars time and time again.

It can be good to do research before deciding what’s on the menu by visiting favourite pubs and keeping a detailed list of what works and why it works. These days it’s also much easier to do your research from your home or office by checking out online reviews of your competitors.

Take note of which dishes work and try to pinpoint what it is that makes them popular. Also important is the ability to mete out choices which aren’t as successful. Avoid menu items which are reviewed poorly or are overdone by competitors.

Let Me Entertain You

To band or not to band – that is the question. Adding live music or other in-house entertainment can add another dimension to a pub, and can install a permanent clientele base eager to discover a new thrill.

Live music can be a great way to bridge between the early evening customers and late night loungers in a pub. After diners and drinkers have finished the last of their meal, it provides a welcome opportunity for a nightcap (or two). It can also be a handy way to generate a new income stream – between door charges and venue hire fees, a good pub (with a carefully curated booking list) can command a decent sum of money for a few hours of music or comedy.

Another common feature of well-loved pubs is the regular ‘trivia night’. A trivia night is a great way to create a sense of community in a pub, and can bring together groups of people on a weekly basis. A trivia night can even be themed – it’s a fun and flexible way to get people excited about your pub.

The ultimate pub can be created by taking a creative twist on traditional pub elements and providing comfortable, friendly goodtimes for your customers to take part in. By getting your basic details in order first, you can focus on flair and fit out, and get the fun cooking.

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