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Benefits Of Having Personalized Welcome Emails For Members

by Olufisayo
Personalized Welcome Emails

A great way to welcome new members and keep loyal members active is by sending personalized emails. According to a statistical report, with an open rate of 26 percent, personalized email messages are used by 74 percent of marketers to increase customer engagement. Also, it brings a significant impact on recipients since it’s able to generate 58 percent revenue.

When it comes to warmly welcoming the new members in your club, association, or group, sending personalized emails creates a huge impact in the active status and participation of members.

In this post, you’ll learn more about the benefits of having personalized welcome emails for members, so you’ll also have an idea of how to proceed with it.

Make New Members Feel Special

Every new member in any group or organization deserves a warm welcome. The best way to do it is to send a personalized welcome email. It shows how professional, genuine, and passionate you are in inviting and managing people to join your group. But, what makes a welcome email personalized?

Sending personalized welcome emails with a recognizable and personalized confirmation subject lines makes new members of the group or organization feel more special. People are used to receiving emails every day, and most of them obviously look robotic or computer-generated. Why not welcome your new members in a way that they’ll feel more valued as an addition to your family?

Here are some tips and tricks when creating personalized welcome emails for members:

Include a Real Person’s Name: In the email’s “Sender Name” field, including a real person’s name instead of the name of your group or organization is one way to start a great personalized email. It’s also a great idea to include both, that is, the name of the receiver and your company’s name, such as “Lorraine from Young Entrepreneurs.”
Clear Membership Confirmation Message: Including a clear membership confirmation message in the subject line is also another way to welcome new members and introduce their account details.

A good example of the confirmation message is: “Welcome Robert, you’re now a member of Young Entrepreneurs! Please check your membership details. “

Usually, members would search and check this email to find their account information, so this email should be easily recognized whenever they search for it.

No to “No-Reply”: Don’t make your welcome email a “no-reply” email because it’ll just give a notion to new members that your organization is difficult to reach. Instead, impress your new members by standing above the rest, allow them to express themselves by giving an option to reply.

You might be surprised to receive a “Thank You Email” or reply back from new members because of sending personalized emails.

Personalized Welcome Emails

Avoid Canceling Membership

Personalized welcome emails are designed to reinforce that new members have made the right decision to join a group or organization. Of course, you don’t want your new members to feel regret after joining your group, like buyer’s remorse, after making a purchase.

Make a positive impression on your new members by sending personalized welcome emails. By doing so, they won’t feel just being part of another group, but genuine and valued members. Make your new members confident that they made the best choice. How can you show it?

Here are some examples of how to avoid new members from canceling their membership after joining your group:

Provide Social Proof: Because a part of human nature is doing what other people do, providing social proof can persuade a new member to stay. It’s actually included in Robert Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion.

For example, you can say, “Congratulations on joining an exclusive network of more than 100 young entrepreneurs in California.”

Include a Brief Organization Introduction: While new members have probably researched your organization, never assume that it’s true for everyone. Make it a point to always include a short introduction of your organization, including your vision and mission statements.

In this way, new members can truly evaluate if their personal values align with your organization and avoid membership cancellation.

Guide New Members to the Next Steps

When sending a personalized welcome email, it should include a quick guide on the next steps that a new member should do. Also, you can include actions that your group does throughout the year, so new members know how they can get involved.

For instance, you can say: “Young Entrepreneurs was established in Los Angeles, California, in 2006. Our organization aims to help aspiring and startup entrepreneurs in California by providing informative, educational resources and training, such as blog articles, free entrepreneurial classes, and hands-on training in community trades, fairs, conferences, and sales and marketing events. You can always share your best practices and knowledge by uploading your articles in our blog section and getting in touch with our events organizer here [include a link or call-to-action button].”

Set Proper Expectations

Right from the start, it’s important to set clear expectations for new members. A clear description should be included in your personalized welcome emails, so everyone is on the same page. By having common goals, you can establish a genuine culture with passionate members who work together and will keep up with your organization’s vision and mission.

Here are some examples of clear descriptions of what members can expect from your group or organization:

  • “As a new member of Young Entrepreneurs, you’re now subscribed to our newsletter. We’ll bring you the latest news and updates via email every end of the month.”
  • “We’d be glad to have you at Young Entrepreneurs’ next networking event! Look out for an exclusive member-only invitation.”

Explain Membership Benefits

One excellent way of retaining new members is by explaining what they can receive or benefit from your organization right from the very start. By restating membership benefits in your personalized welcome emails, you’ll be able to inspire new members to stay and be active members to get the most out of their membership fee.

Providing bullet points of the key benefits of joining your group is better than giving big sales pitches. Besides, your new members were already signed up, so you just have to reinforce the message of the membership benefits.

Here’s an example of restating membership benefits:

“As a new member of Young Entrepreneurs, here are some of the perks and benefits you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive access to Young Entrepreneur’s member directory
  • Free attendance and snacks at Young Entrepreneur’s monthly networking session
  • Exclusive access to the Young Entrepreneur’s online library
  • A chance to mingle with other entrepreneurs online and actual events.”

Perfect Way to Fulfill Your Promise

If new members were promised instant gifts or freebies once they signed up, you could easily fulfill it by sending personalized welcome emails. You may include website links to helpful resources, such as blog posts, event calendar, cheat sheet, statistical report, login access, and freebie order page on personalized welcome emails.

Check out these tips when sending links with personalized welcome emails to fulfill your promise:

  • Before sending a personalized welcome email, make sure to test all hyperlinks.
  • If something needs to be downloaded, such as a video or a PDF file, make sure that the process is hassle-free.
  • Update links as necessary if changes have been made.

Great Start to Engage

You can start engaging at the very start once your member joins your group through a personalized email. You can show a bit of your group’s personality by not only talking about the humble beginnings of your organization, but also sharing a quick story with a little humor.

Here’s an example:

“Let’s live up with our dreams, like what Young Entrepreneur always aim, but never just remain asleep. Keep fulfilling every entrepreneur’s dream with a helping hand.”

Show Professionalism and Spark Excitement

Sending a personalized email is a professional way to send your welcome message. Receiving a generic message that’s obviously computer-generated doesn’t depict professionalism at all. It’s like treating members like goods, which is not supposed to be. Remember that your members are intelligent people, like you are, so only give them the best and what they deserve.

Personalized email templates are now available to help you craft the best personalized welcome emails for your new members. These templates promote professional writing, guiding you in writing a detailed and appealing welcome email.

If you do so, you’ll show professionalism and spark excitement among your new members as you wrap-up your email, invite to chat, and sign off. Make sure to sign-off using the same tone that matches your message. Remember, encourage new members a message to get in touch with you and always leave them on a positive note.


Indeed, there are plenty of benefits when sending personalized welcome emails to new members of your group or organization. It’s one way to make new members more special and feels more valued. Sending a confirmation message will also increase their confidence that joining your organization is the right choice.

Having personalized welcome emails is your chance to explain the benefits of joining your group by highlighting your vision and mission statements. Also, it’s one way to guide new members on the next actionable steps they can do to be inspired in participating in your group activities to attain common goals.  

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