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How to Promote a Vanity Phone Number for Business?

by Olufisayo
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So, it’s good to know that you acknowledge the importance of getting a vanity number for your business. You’ve gotten one and that’s the first step.

But it doesn’t end there. Until you get the word out on your vanity number to each and every member of your target audience out there, let’s say your vanity number doesn’t hold any relevance really.

The key is to promote your vanity number in the maximum ways possible so that more and more people can avail the facility. And the more customers the vanity number can bring you, the higher your sales would climb the graph, right?

Let’s learn in the following sections on how to go about promoting your vanity phone number for a business.

Best Ways to Promote a Business Phone Number

Simply registering for your own vanity number isn’t enough. After you’ve successfully gotten one, you can try out a few or all of the following ways to publicize your number in the market so that your business gets easily noticeable and remembered –

  1. Giving out business cards – Your visiting card is perhaps the best way to give out all your contact details to potential clients. It has your company address, email address, fax, and official phone numbers. Include your vanity number on it too and distribute the business card to the maximum people possible – both within and outside the organization.
  2. Display it on billboards –Billboards and hoardings are large enough to be missed from a distance. This is why they can be another great means to get your vanity phone number for business out in the market. Get it printed on billboards in large and bold prints so that it’s easily visible from far off. Also, choose a number that’s easy to memorize so that the traffic passing by can easily recall it later too.
  3. Let your staff sport them on uniforms – A vanity number printed on the office wear of your employees – shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, or jackets – is a great way to promote it on the go. It attracts attention easily and the more people see your staff sporting them on their uniforms, the more they’d be tempted to call you to enquire or order.#
  4. Leave a hint in radio/TV commercials – People hearing or watching about your product/service on the radio or TV may often wonder how to contact you. In fact, your advertising is incomplete without your audience knowing what to do next. Leave your vanity number towards the end of these commercials so that people can pick up their phones and start calling. One creative way of doing so is to make catchy jingles with your vanity number to facilitate quicker and easy recall value.
  5. Paste them on vehicles – Create vehicle stickers with your vanity phone number for business and paste them on all your work vehicles so that your business sells on the go. Also, distribute some stickers to the common public too and request them to display them on the front or back of their vehicle glass.

Final Thoughts

Your vanity phone number for business is a valuable asset. It’s one of the best ways to get the word out on your brand, most important, to get people talking about it. If your number’s easy to remember, it’d encourage more referrals. This means more sales and revenue in the long run.

With such obvious advantages, it only makes sense to invest some time, effort, and money into marketing the vanity phone number. A bit of effort now would yield higher returns soon.

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