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5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Business & Physical Security

by Olufisayo
Physical security technologies

Business and data security isn’t just about firewalls and sophisticated security encryptions. Physical security is an equally (if not more) important aspect of securing your facility and sensitive information.

Most businesses haven’t the foggiest idea of how crucial physical security measures are until it is too late. There are multiple ways to keep your business and data protected, and strengthening its physical security is one of the best methods.

Everyone knows how valuable time and money is when it comes to profitability, so below are five quick ways to boost your business’s physical security measures without interfering with its daily operations:

1. Identify Weaknesses

Understanding where your business’s physical weaknesses are in terms of security is the only way to get rid of them.

Perhaps your building has a dark corner, passage, or area that is not adequately covered by video surveillance. Whatever the weakness is, you cannot fix it if you don’t know it is there.

There are experienced teams available to hire – with the sole purpose of breaking into your building and making off with as much equipment as possible. Don’t be afraid to test your security system; that is the only way that you can improve it.

2. Perimeter Security

One of the most crucial aspects of securing a facility is perimeter security.

Securing the building’s perimeter is an essential component for enhancing physical security. What better way to keep criminals from entering your workplace than by limiting their access to the property?

Use armed guards and tall walls protected by motion-sensing floodlights to act as a deterrent. Exterior lighting can also make your employees feel safer when exiting the building late at night. Criminals are less likely to attack a business that is thoroughly illuminated.

3. Access Control Policies

Access control is a fantastic way to limit access to sensitive data and important areas. Access control locking mechanisms track and trace movement within the building, connecting your digital security measures to the physical ones.

Physical security technologies have come a long way in the last few years, allowing your business to provide access to those who need it and keeping out those who do not. Access control policies are easy to set up and can be configured with different access permissions to different areas.

4. Inventory Checklists

In the modern world, most businesses use mobile devices to operate efficiently.

While these are super convenient, they do bring up some significant security challenges for your teams. Device theft is a common cause of data breaches and corporate blackmail.

Have an up-to-date inventory of devices, along with a list of serial numbers and who has access to them. As a business owner or manager, you should know where all those devices are at all times.

For an added layer of protection, you can install microscopic trackers onto those devices – that way, if even one of those devices goes missing, you will know exactly where to find it.

5. Video Surveillance

Install video surveillance systems both inside and outside of your building. It is an excellent security measure, effectively deterring crimes such as vandalism and theft. By monitoring your business’s property, you can catch trespassers in the act before your business is the victim of a crime.

While security cameras cannot physically prevent crimes from happening altogether, they do offer evidence that can be used in court against the perpetrators – and that can be an essential part of winning a case.

Photo by Collin on Unsplash

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