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How to Make Your Physical Store Look Appealing to Customers

by Olufisayo
Physical Store

Competition in the retail sector is very high nowadays, so it’s more important than ever that you try to get as much custom as possible.

One great way you can do this is by creating yourself an attractive looking physical store. This should be complete with interesting displays that provoke visitors to buy from you. You need to use marketing techniques to encourage people to come to you too, but this post is going to concentrate on how you can put together an attractive physical store.

Read on to get started:

Physical Store

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Make Sure You Have a Focal Point

The first thing you need to make your physical store look appealing to customers is a focal point. A store without a focal point can either look overwhelming or boring – neither option is good. What do you want your customers to look at when they walk into your store? This could be a new product, or something else that you’re selling. Bear in mind that it should be at eye level to get the most attention.

Use Lines and Shapes in Your Design

You can’t just lay out your design with no idea on what kind of shape you’re going to arrange it in. Shapes and lines add structure to any design and make things look more put together, rather than haphazard. Get some graph paper and draw a shape roughly the same size of your shop floor. Add in different shapes to represent different displays you might create, to see what works. Make sure you include signs, tills, and other elements too.

Make it Balanced

Balance in a display might seem unimportant, but it actually has a subconscious effect on a customer. A balanced display will make things more appealing, as something that is unbalanced gives people a sense of anxiety and a negative mood. For example, a display that has heavy items placed on the left with lighter items on the right will make things look unbalanced. Imagine a scale and think of it that way.

Keep it Fairly Simple

Although you want to intrigue the customer with your display, you don’t want to confuse them by making things too complicated. They should find it easy to find the items they really need, otherwise they’ll go somewhere else. Keep your arrangements and groupings logical. You can use display stands to do this, like those available from gpxgroup.com.

Have Good Lighting

Lighting is never an optional extra, and should be considered an essential part of any store’s interior, shop-front, and displays. Some great lighting ideas—as well as other design inspirations—can be found online by visiting Homeclick, Google, or even Pinterest. Your displays should be lit directly from the top and the sides, so as to deliberately enhance your products and make people stop to look

Consider it From all Angles

Once you’ve made your arrangements, view things from all angles. Make sure things still make sense and encourage the customer to continue browsing. Is signage readable? Can you still see your focal point? Are things still balanced? Get it right from all angles for the best effect!

Now you can go and make the most of your physical store. Thanks for reading!

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