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Physician Professional Liability Insurance: What It Is and Why You Need It

by Olufisayo
Physician Professional Liability Insurance

If you’re a doctor, you’ve probably already heard of something called physician liability insurance.

If you haven’t, it’s imperative that you not only learn what it is, but that you understand why it’s so vital that you have it. In order for that to happen, it has to be thoroughly explained and then you have to know how you can obtain it.

When it’s all said and done, it comes down to your desire to protect everything that you have put so much effort into having when it comes to not only your career, but also your personal life.

Physician Professional Liability Insurance

Physician Liability Insurance Explained

For the most part, the very name goes a long way to explain what this is. In short, it’s insurance that protects you against liability for something going wrong in your place of practice. Whether it’s something that involves direct contact with the patient or it merely happens on your property, this is a type of insurance that can help you.

It’s not malpractice insurance, but it’s one type of insurance that you simply can’t live without. If a potential patient comes to your place of practice, slips and falls, they could end up suing you for everything you own if you don’t have this insurance in place. You might think of it as business liability insurance, only for doctors.

Obtaining the Proper Insurance

Now that you know what it is, you need to know where to find it. Generally speaking, any high quality insurance agency that’s worth its salt is going to offer this type of insurance. If you’re already practicing, you clearly have insurance with someone, whether it involves this particular type of policy or not. If you don’t have a policy of this type, it’s definitely time to contact the agency that you have your policies with and check on getting one started right away.

It’s All About Protecting Everything You Work For

Unfortunately, society has become one that desires instant gratification. A lot of times, people go to public places where they think they can fake some type of accident or injury and then sue that particular place for a lot of money. You see this kind of thing happen all the time in major department stores. It happens in medical facilities as well, largely because people have the idea that they can sue doctors for a lot of money.

Therefore, the very idea of operating a practice without this type of insurance is extremely hazardous. It could cause you to shutter your practice because you can no longer afford to operate it after a huge lawsuit. Worse yet, it could cost you the very home that you and your family live in. The risk just isn’t worth it. It’s much better to have the insurance instead.

If you’re like most physicians, you’ve spent the overwhelming majority of your life working hard and sacrificing a lot in order to go into a career where you can help others each and every day. You certainly don’t want all of that to be derailed by something that could potentially be frivolous. Therefore, it’s essential that you have this type of insurance from day one of your practice.

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