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Planning a Long Journey? Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Go…

by Olufisayo
Planning a Long Journey

When it comes to long car journeys, before you can enjoy the wide-open views and sing-a-long moments to your favourite songs, it’s important to ensure you have planned ahead.

In the event the worst was to happen, you need to be prepared and we don’t mean stocking up on your favourite sweets so you don’t run out mid-journey.  We’re talking about car safety. Many safety checks can be done without assistance, but kwik-fit.com can help, if you’d rather ask the professionals!

We’ve complied a list, of what we believe, are the most important steps you should consider before a long road trip.

Planning a Long Journey

Keep your car in a good condition

Your car should be kept in a good condition throughout all journeys, especially long ones. By ensuring you continue to maintain the condition of your car you can avoid the most common causes of breakdowns. These checks should include:

Checking your tyres

Before going on any long car journey, it is essential to do the appropriate tyre checks. As well as checking the tyre pressure, be sure to check the tyre tread, failure to do so could mean your tyres are below the legal requirement, with the legal limit for minimum depth of tread on your tyres 1.6 millimetres.

Check your wipers

Ensure your wipers are appropriately maintained by following these simple steps:

  • Clean your windscreen regularly, ideally every time you stop for petrol.
  • Regularly wipe the rubber side of the windscreen wiper with a damp cloth to remove any loose dirt.
  • Replace windscreen wipers at least once a year.

Check your lights

Long journeys, especially during the winter will see skies fall darker quicker, even during adverse weather conditions, it is therefore important to check all your lights are working before leaving, so you are seen on the roads at all times.

Check your oil and water

A step many will forget, checking your oil and water levels will mean you can avoid the need to stop and refill, and can complete your journey with ease.

Emergency kit

Before a long journey you should be prepared for anything, this includes having an up-to-date emergency kit. This kit can be kept in the boot of your vehicle and should include, a first aid kit, spare fuses, light bulbs for the car, extra petrol and a tyre pressure gauge. In winter add blankets, extra clothing, a shovel and food supplies to ensure you are prepared if the worst was to happen.

Top up your petrol

Filling your petrol tank will not only ensure you are not caught short in the event of a traffic jam, but it is also cost effective, having to stop alongside a motorway to fill up can become very costly as opposed to your local petrol station

Plan stops

When mapping out your journey, be sure to include regular rest stops at provided service stations. This will enable you to stay alert when driving and avoid accidents.

Charge your electricals

Within todays interconnected world many will not leave home without their electrical devices, in particular their mobile phone, it is therefore important to make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before setting off, meaning if the worst was to happen you are connected and can call for assistance.

Why not tell us your #CarSafetyChecklist before your long road trips!

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