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Share Your Story with the World with the New OSMO Pocket Digital Video Device

by Olufisayo
Pocket Digital Video Device

“Because Life is Big” is an understatement with the new OSMO Pocket digital video device. Manufactured by OmniView Tech, this compact video device makes life worth living when you record and share intimate moments with others. The OSMO Pocket is intelligent enough on its own to put all its packed features at your disposal within seconds, and you can trust its intuitiveness to achieve the best photos and videos ever possible.

OSMO Pocket is made for both the amateur and professional video-maker. According to DJI, this video device is “meant for anyone with a story to tell”, and its suite of dedicated tools turns the amateur handler into a professional photographer in no time. You can’t be wrong with OSMO, and it comes cheap and affordable so that almost anyone can get the device for professional use. If you are every interested in digital or visual storytelling, then you must be want to get the OSMO for your personal and business needs.

Pocket Digital Video Device

Here are some of the digital features that make the OSMO Pocket to stand out from the pack:

  • A portable and lightweight handheld camera device
  • A 3-axis stabilized Gimbal camera for mechanical, electronic and optical image stabilization
  • Touchscreen usable with only one hand for instant swipes and taps
  • In-built filming effects with ActiveTrack, MotionLapse, NightShot and Panorama functions that cannot be found in flagship smartphones
  • A community of editing tools to inspire creativity and professional output
  • Advanced options for filters, soundtracks, templates, watermark stickers and others within a robust editing suite
  • Quality accessories such as charging case, wireless module, extension rod, waterproof case, accessory mount, ND filters set, controller wheel, adapter and cover among others.

The OSMO Pocket is a potential world of entertainment in your hand. And apart from creating stunning photos and videos that tell stunning stories, this pocket device can also aid your security and of those around you. You can capture images and record videos that tell people where you are and have been with its live features. This goes to show that your security is equally important when you are sharing your visual stories with the world via an entertainment device.

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