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Point Of Sales Terminals and How Small Businesses Could Benefit From Using SumUp

by Olufisayo
SumUp Card Reader

The days of using raw cash for business transactions are fast slipping by. And no serious business today will insist for its customers to make cash purchases. In fact, people rarely carry wallets these days – let alone speaking of carrying cash in their wallets. These are the days of general mobile point of sales technology. These are the days of mobile card readers and mobile cash registers.

And this is where credit card terminal comes to the rescue.

Whatever your type of small business – restaurant, supermarket, plumbing, bookshop, beauty salon, retail store, and school, etc., you need a Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV) technology to accept payments. As long as you operate a brick-and-mortar business model or a mobile business on the go, you need a EMV technology to facilitate prompt payments. There is no point running any type of business if your customers have no way of paying you easily and faster.

SumUp Card Reader

What is Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV)?

EMV payment technology uses enhanced card readers to process debit and credit card payments from customers. It is secured with encrypted microchip technology to protect the buyer and the seller. It is quite similar to a conventional point of sales terminal but with greater security. EMV is made possible by modern advancements in WI-FI, Bluetooth, smartphones and internet technology. Your business must not be left behind in how digital technology could aid you to accept payments from customers.

Several EMV card readers are emerging today in the market, but SumUp is getting to be an industry leader.

How SumUp Card Reader Works To Benefit Small Businesses

SumUp EMV card reader is for you if you accept payments for any service or products. So long you are in business to make money through direct sales – you must choose SumUp EMV card reader. It allows you to get paid instantly with debit and credit cards with a single swipe. If your point of sales terminal is not equipped with EMV reader technology at the moment, you may have to upgrade it to process SumUp cards.

Benefits of Using SumUp EMV Card Reader for Your Small Business

The benefits of using SumUp EMV card reader for your small business are limitless, but you may consider the following advantages:

  • Enabled with contactless, chip and magstripe technology. To this extent, SumUp technology is compatible with iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. It also connects with Bluetooth seamlessly.
  • SumUp is designed for internet performance. There is no use for any paperwork and you don’t need to enter into any contracts. You can sign up within five minutes and you’d be up and running in no time.
  • Payout for SumUp is very fast and prompt. There are no fixed fees and you only pay about 2.75% credit card processing fee per transaction. You can also have payments made out directly to your bank account.
  • You can accept all debit and credit cards regardless of maker when you have the SumUp EMV card reader.
  • You can easily use your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone and tablet to collect payments with all credit and debit cards.

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