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POS Security – Prevent Theft at Your Retail Store and Point of Sale with Shopify

by Olufisayo
POS Security

Retail crime is an increasing problem, and retail businesses are always looking for ways to prevent this. Shopify now provides a way for merchants to monitor their stores, indoor and outdoor, with Shopify’s partnership with Google’s Nest.

Protect Your Shop with Shopify and Nest Cams

Inventory shrinkage is a huge problem for retail stores of all sizes. Theft, shoplifting, robberies, all contribute to heavy losses, and Organised Retail Crime (ORC) is on the rise. ORC is estimated to cost the retail industry $30 billion every year. Robberies and violent crimes in retail spaces are also increasing each year.

With such threats, it is necessary for the retail industry to implement security and surveillance systems in their premises. Shopify has now partnered with Google Nest to provide Point Of Sale  integrated surveillance solutions for merchants.

POS Security

Install Google Nest Cams for full surveillance, and use your Shopify App to access the surveillance footage. With Shopify Store Cam integration, you can remotely monitor your store from anywhere. Now, your security system becomes part of your Point Of Sale solution dashboard, making it easy to manage and keep track of.

You can also buy Google Nest Cam as well as Google Wifi routers directly through Shopify. Setup your surveillance network to be accessible anywhere, get high speed Internet with Google WiFi routers. With this security system in place, you can monitor live video stream of your whole store space. You will be able to see what’s going on in your store from anywhere with your mobile phone.

Two Nest Cams To Start With

These two cameras, one indoor and the other an outdoor camera, are good choices to begin with for your surveillance system:

Nest Cam Indoor

Nest Cam Indoor

Indoor Camera

This camera comes with a magnetic stand, it can be just placed on a table or shelf, or you can attach the stand to a magnetic surface. You can also use the metal plate to mount the camera on a non-magnetic surface with screws.

The camera has a 3mp sensor and continuously records activity in rich color during the daytime, and uses infrared technology to capture clear footage in the night. You can check the live stream 24/7 wherever you are, on your smartphone or other mobile device. Install the Shopify Store Cam App and you can view the footage from your Shopify Point Of Sale admin dashboard.

The camera records FullHD (1920×1080) video at 30 fps using H.264 encoding (mp4 videos). The Nest Indoor Camera has a 130° wide-angle view. 8x digital zoom, Night-vision, speaker, and microphone, to give you audio-visual footage. The microphone can be turned on or off independently.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor

Outdoor Camera

This is a weatherproof hardy camera with IP65 weather-resistance rating, ideal for outdoor installation, to monitor the outside area of your premises. It plugs into an electrical outlet. So, it always stays on and records video 24/7, in any weather. The operating temperature ranges from -4° to 104° Fahrenheit

The Nest Cam Outdoor records Full HD mp4 videos at 30fps, which is live streamed to your mobile device that has the Nest App or Shopify Store Cam App installed. You can monitor the outside area of your store at anytime, using your business WiFi. With eight high-power IR Leds, your camera has powerful night vision. The camera also has 130° wide-angle view with 8x zoom. It can record full color video in daylight. The camera comes with speaker and microphone.

Nest Cam General Features and Capabilities

Both these Nest Cams are night-vision cameras that can record infrared images. During the day, these cameras have IR-cut filter to shut out IR light, so the camera records clear images in colors that human eyes can see. During the night, the IR-cut filter is disabled, so the camera can record IR light images in the dark.

You can get motion and sound alerts to your mobile, if the camera sensors detect any activity or noise within the camera’s field of coverage. You will also get camera disconnect alerts. With a Nest Aware subscription, you can also get Person Alert if the Nest Cam recognises human activity and it can also send a snap of the person detected. Nest Aware subscription also provides the capability to store 30 days of recorded footage on the Cloud, so you can review the activities in your store at any time. The Nest app can be installed on Android or iOS devices.

Shopify now provides you the ability to easily add video surveillance to your Point Of Sale solution. The partnership with Google and Nest ensures that you can buy the necessary hardware directly from Shopify and integrate it easily with your Shopify POS. The Nest Cams are easy to setup and use, you can do it yourself without the need for any deep technical knowledge or skills. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to configure the cameras and choose the settings to suit your needs.

Install these Nest Cams for indoor and outdoor surveillance, integrate it into your Point Of Sale  system if you are using Shopify. You can now monitor and manage all your store activities from one single dashboard. Make your store secure, prevent thefts. Just the knowledge that your store has surveillance cameras installed can help prevent a large percentage of retail crime.

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