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5 Benefits of Using Procurement Automation Software

by Olufisayo
Procurement Automation Software

The procurement process is an essential part of everyday business. Obtaining the goods and services your company needs to run its operation is pretty important, especially when it comes to acquiring the goods and services you need to function adequately.

Unfortunately, the procurement process comes with a certain level of challenge that requires time, dedication, high levels of training, and more. So how do you meet the challenges of procurement while staying within a budget, conforming to industry regulations, and helping your company thrive? By automating some of the processes.

There are numerous tools on the market that enable you to do so and are worth using as a supplement to your established procurement practices. Here are five benefits of using a  procurement automation software solution for your business.

Easier Procurement

Procurement, under most circumstances, is pretty challenging. Why not find a solution to make it easier? But it isn’t merely acquiring the things your business needs. It also involves getting suppliers to adopt certain practices, controlling your inventory, reducing spend risk, and much more.

With a powerful software suite to help you, you can unlock a simplified procurement process. Procurement is easier when you can track what suppliers are doing. Software allows you to track timesheets, locations, delivery, and performance digitally. This cuts back on both time and resources, which eventually translates to saving money.

Real-time monitoring of your inventory and every stage of the process also provides invaluable insight into how you can control/reduce spending. Quick access to contracts (and the ability to review them easily) makes it easier to ensure you get previously agreed upon discounts and that the supplier is living up to their end of the contract. If they’re not, it can cause plenty of problems, so monitoring them becomes even more critical the further along you go.

Better Budgeting

One of the many perks of high-quality procurement software is the ability to reign in, simplify, and eventually improve your budgeting. Understanding the impact of a budget prior to reaching the approval stage is key to preventing costly mistakes.

The idea is that you want to prevent committing money to something for spending on goods/services prior to understanding how they’re going to impact your business. A solid budgeting strategy can help mitigate any potential problems, but you really need to use it as a sort of crystal ball to peer into the future impacts of your procurement decisions.

That’s where customization comes into play. You can customize vectors on the budget itself to help you better understand how you’re spending is committed across the board. Furthermore, real-time budget tracking allows you to see what’s actually happening with the cash/cash flow and aids in monitoring any potential budgetary changes.

Managing spending against established goals is a challenge, so implementing some software to help monitor and automate the process helps smooth out any possible snags while hitting your company goals.

Third-Party Risk Mitigation

A large part of supply chain management at any organization is risk mitigation. Third-party risk happens when you outsource functions of a business or certain processes to a third party company.

This might be a vendor or supplier that you work with for certain functions or even a contractor doing some work at your own organization. Regardless, third-party risk represents a significant threat to many aspects of a business, including the procurement stage. Risk can manifest itself as rogue spending, information compromise, data loss, or supplier failures.

Automation tools help identify and insulate your company against potential issues by flagging them. Real-time monitoring and alerts also help in this regard. Minimizing risk and reducing rogue spend are crucial, do using any available tools to help is a wise business move for any department.

Faster Approval

Nothing sets back a business faster than long approval times. Selecting items and suppliers should be a fairly straightforward activity. Sometimes you need a way to compare catalogs, services, and items from across your different suppliers. Whether it’s spot buying capabilities or being able to choose/compare from a wide array of different suppliers in one place, a powerful software solution is the first step toward faster procurement and purchase order approvals at any time.

Streamlined POs

Purchase orders can be troublesome sometimes. They’re a valuable resource for managing your company’s spend, making purchasing more efficient, and staying on top of current or future purchases. They can also be a mess if not handled in an efficient way.

The purchase order cycle can quickly grow complicated. From considering suppliers to negotiating contracts to processing invoices, each step of the process can be daunting or time-consuming. Once again, software comes to the rescue. It allows you to pre-configure your purchase orders the way you want them, make them in real-time, and track them with ease.

This ultimately reduces time, cost, and effort while significantly increasing your efficiency. You can remain in compliance with every purchase order while seamlessly working your way through the entire PO cycle.

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