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7 Must-Have Tools for Managing and Automating the Real Estate Selling Process

by Olufisayo

If unorganized, the real estate process can be cumbersome, frustrating, and full of back-and-forth discussions between a realtor and a seller. If you optimize the sales process, you will save time and close deals quicker. But you need the right set of tools at hand for this.

Let’s dive into the top seven tools every real estate agent needs:

1. BoomTown. CRM platform

Real estate agents also need a reliable CRM system (customer relationship management) to keep all their contact data in one place and automate mundane tasks.

If a real estate agent finds themselves asking, “Did I call Mr. Brown back?” or “Is Camila working with the Browns?” — it’s definitely time to start using a CRM.

Specially designed for real estate, BoomTown is one of the major players in the market. The CRM has a great interface for logging calls and surveying the status of any lead. It also allows sending listing alerts to prospects directly from the CRM and a website.

Another fantastic feature of BoomTown is “Now Wall.” It detects the people in a database a realtor needs to reach out to the most.

The cheapest plan of BoomTown is $1,000 per month for three agents.

2. ZOOM. Video Conferencing

The practice of using video conferencing in real estate isn’t new. For example, many agents in luxury markets have already practiced conferencing to sell their homes to buyers in remote locations. But now, more and more realtors are forced to pivot and try new things, including video conferencing, due to COVID-19.

Real Estate Selling Process

Why does a realtor need to try Zoom?

It’s convenient for a realtor and a client. Both save time because they won’t have to drive. Furthermore, real estate agents can provide more value to clients by using the video conferencing tool. For example, they can give updates to their active buyers and sellers more often.

Zoom is free for personal meetings. Prices for paid plans start at $14.99 per month.

3. Trello. Task Management

Realtors who want to manage things and organize information easily and conveniently need to try Trello.

It’s an excellent visual tool that could work for managing all of the realtor transactions, open house schedules, preparing for property showing, and any listings that hit the market.

With Trello, realtors can assign tasks, share lists, design templates, add due dates, color label assignments, and so much more.

The tool can be used for free. However, for those who need to manage more work and scale collaboration, prices start at $5 per month.

4. Matterport. 3D virtual tours

Real estate professionals use 3D virtual tours to win more listings, sell properties faster, and earn higher commissions. Matterport allows agents to create 3D tours and hand over the keys from the property to prospective buyers so that they can virtually walk through the listing from their PC or smartphone.

Real Estate Selling Process

Realtors from the major cities in the USA or Great Britain can even have Matterport professionals capture their space, starting at only $129.

Prices for Matterport start at $9.99 per month, but there is also a free limited version.

5. MailChimp. Email marketing

Buyers and sellers don’t always immediately make a deal with an agent. As a rule, they take their time, which is not bad as long as they don’t forget about the agent. That’s why it’s essential to use the power of email marketing to stay top of mind with these prospects.

Agents can send out open house schedules, notices about listing updates, market trends, and other relevant info for prospective home buyers and sellers. Fortunately, these processes can be automated, saving agents a significant amount of time.

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools, and for a good reason. The platform has an intuitive user interface, allows for tracking and analyzing marketing data, and automates the process.

The tool is free until you reach 2,000+ subscribers on your list. Their paid plans start from $10 per month.

6. Newoldstamp. Email signature management

Buying a home is probably one of the largest purchases a person ever makes. And it’s crucial for buyers to have a high level of trust in those who will guide them through the entire process – a real estate agent. Therefore, building trustworthy relations with clients is a must for every real estate professional.

Real Estate Selling Process

With over three decades of persistence, email still belongs to the best communication and marketing engagement channels. So no surprise, real estate agents actively use email to establish connections with their audience. Realtors use a professional email signature added at the bottom of every message to make their emails more personal and human.

Having such a professional email footer can also help realtors get their business in front of more prospective buyers. Once they see your signature, they will understand who you are and what services you offer. Create your free email footer with an email signature generator Newoldstamp.

You can choose a font style and type you like, upload your photo and company logo, and even add a link to your listings or book a meeting with you.

See more email signature examples.

The tool is free for simple signatures.

7. Hootsuite. Social media management

Like other professionals, real estate agents need to be present and active on social media to build their brand, provide valuable information, and make new connections. But we all know how much time and energy this can take. So is it possible to automate it?

Try Hootsuite –  one of the most well-known tools on the market for managing social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Hootsuite allows realtors to organize their scheduling and publishing in a simple calendar view. On top of that, it is possible to monitor the activity from all the connected channels and engage with followers in one place. Prices start at $49/month.


The real estate sales process can be time-consuming. But fortunately, there is a wide selection of tools real estate professionals can take advantage of and save time. In this article, we gathered the best tools for managing and automating the real estate selling process. There are CRM, email marketing, 3D tours, email signature, social media management, video conferencing, and more on the list.

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