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Reasons Why Your Suburban Business Needs These Security Measures

by Olufisayo

When you started your business in the suburbs, you expected a life of peace and serenity. But recent statistics from the Australian police website show rapid increase in crime rates in suburban areas. In times like these, there is obvious need to understand the security needs of your business and to fulfill them if you want to keep enjoying the same peace of mind you do now.

If you have ever been on the wrong end of a theft or robbery, you know how terrifying an experience it can be and you definitely would do anything to avoid a repetition. Consider the following security measure for your business, to prevent any such instances:


Cash In Transit-

If your business deals in cash, you probably understand that no matter how secure your office/store/warehouse is, your money is not a 100% safe until it reaches a bank. In fact, leaving your cash locked in your office overnight must rob you of your sleep, if not more. Even more risk is involved when the money is travelling from your office to the bank. Although, you make sure that you take all the necessary measures to keep the movement of money discreet and secure, you can never be too sure.

This is the reason why the cash collection businesses came into existence. Make sure you choose the right cash in transit company . A good agency will be flexible in terms of timings and point of collection. They will use unmarked vehicles and non-uniformed staff to carry out the task as discreetly as possible. Another quality of a reliable cash logistic agency is dependability and punctuality. Moreover, all the best agencies provide 100% risk protection in the form of insurance.


Installing a safe in your place of business is definitely a great idea. But many of us make the common mistake of leaving the safe open during business hours for the ease of access for various reasons. Do not, under any condition, leave your safe unlocked at any point of time.

An even better option is a third party safe. Many security companies provide third party safe to businesses. They install the safe at your office, maintain it, and even insure the contents of the safe, all for a low monthly  fee. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should leave your cash at the office overnight, but a safe comes in handy in cases where you absolutely have no other options.

Key Cards-


Having key card access to employee only areas can prove to be very helpful. It will restrict entry to areas where sensitive and precious merchandise and cash are stored. Many robberies happen when someone gets into one of these areas unnoticed.

Key Card access systems also keep track of when and who has used the card, making investigation convenient and rapid in case of any critical incidents. An even better way to safeguard these areas to use two-factor authentication systems. Meaning, entry requiring a key card AND a numeric PIN or biometric authorisation. This will provide protection against the misuse of key cards, which can be stolen or borrowed.

Physical Security-


While physical security seems like a waste of money and precious company resources in suburban areas, its importance is vital. Someone to look after your office when you aren’t there will give you great peace of mind and an even greater sense of security to you and to your employees.

Consider a reputed security firm that provides trained security guards and do lengthy and detailed background checks on all their employees. Many of these agencies hire retired policemen or retired army personnel.


In conclusion, i understand spending money on security can be tough and expensive, but if anything should go wrong, you would be saving a lot more than what you’re spending. As they say, better be safe than sorry!

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