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Restaurant Renovations: Getting a Fresh Facelift on a Tight Budget

by Olufisayo

Even a hugely successful restaurant needs a makeover periodically in order to keep things fresh and continue to attract customers and if you run any sort of eating establishment a renovation is always the perfect way to launch a new style or menu.

The main drawback to going ahead with your renovation plans is likely to be a lack of available budget to do make all of your planned changes, but there are some savvy ways to get that facelift even when you don’t have a big budget available.

Here are some tips and insights to show you how to renovate on a budget, including a look at which areas to concentrate your makeover plans on for the best return, some easy ways to change the look and feel of your restaurant, plus a savvy seating suggestion to make the most of your space.


Creating a warm welcome

If you only have a limited budget you will need to create a list of priorities in order to produce the biggest impact for your cash with the changes you make.

Curb appeal is always a big issue. If you don’t create the right impression and ambiance from the moment a customer sees your restaurant they are less likely to be tempted to look at the menu, let alone walk inside.

Aim to spend some of your budget on some tasteful signage that tells customers what you are all about and what to expect when they step inside. Also, make sure the entrance area is welcoming, clean and tidy, with a comfortable waiting area before they are seated if you have the available space.

A profitable seating configuration

The general aim for any restaurateur is to deliver a good dining experience and serve as many people as possible with the space you have available.

You want diners to feel comfortable and enjoy attentive service so packing them in like sardines is not going to go down well.

A cost-effective way of keeping diners comfortable but maximizing your space would be to consider the idea of restaurant booths. This type of seating is popular with groups of diners and can work out to be the most viable option compared to the cost of buying individual chairs.

An easy way to create a new vibe

If you want to try and create a different ambiance or energy in your restaurant you don’t have to spend fortunes to do that.

A creative way of instantly creating a new vibe would be to accessorize. Changing your wall decorations and using some new photographs or locally-sourced artwork will influence the look and feel of the place, especially if you spend a bit on some new lighting, a chalkboard wall to list your daily specials and even some new flooring if the budget will stretch that far.

Giving your restaurant a makeover doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you are creative and savvy with your choices, but your customers will definitely notice the improvements and if it gets everyone talking about your changes, it can have a positive impact on your takings in no time at all.

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