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Make Your Child Safer With Reusable Labels That Are Environmentally-Friendly

by Olufisayo
Reuseable Labels

Every country in the world is clamouring for products that are environmentally-friendly. Considering the potential threats posed by global warming and the environmental risks of non-biodegradable products such as plastics, everyone including children should be protected from products that constitute health risks. One of such is adhesive labels on children’s drinkware and snack containers.

With adhesive labels put on the drinkware and food containers of children, little kids tend to face health risks. Worse of all, these labels are not durable because they fall off easily when washed in soapy water and put in microwave. The adhesive labels put on school bottles used by kids also contain toxin and they are not adaptable. They fall off easily, tear or fade off with regular use – making it necessary to buy new bottles with labels over and over again as the child grows.

Reuseable Labels

But there is now a simple bottle label that lasts for several years without fading or falling off in the dishwater. This baby bottle label according to Nomi Labels is a “safe, sustainable, toxin-free, adaptable, labelling solutions for drinkware and snack containers” used by school children. With a single purchase, children can use Nomi Labels for as long as they grow and move from one class to the other.

“As your children grow, move their labels from baby bottles and food jars to sippy cups and snack containers to thermos and sports bottles,” Noni Labels producer Courtney said.

Quality bottle labels are not only for school children, they are also suitable for adults who constantly use bottles, food jars and other snack containers. Made from food grade silicone material approved by FDA, the Noni Labels are suitable for repeated reuse and repurposing under all conditions just like repurposing a property or space from realtor like http://www.ssbhg.ca/. And what’s more, they are environmentally-friendly and compliant with international standards.

These bottle accessories can even be modified to bear the names of the owner when applied to a water bottle. They are perfect for every stage of a child’s growth and suitable for all occasions and handling. Get one today and watch your child appreciate you for thinking about them and their ultimate needs for everyday use.

If everyone uses these labels for their containers, the impact on the environment will be minimal and our world will be a safer place to live in in the long run. It will also serve to teach our kids that they ought to care about our environment and how their actions impact it.

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