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How Your Personality Should Help With the Right Tyres for Your Car

by Olufisayo
Right Tyres for Your Car

Several research point to the fact that an individual’s personality determines how he drives. The manner you handle a car on the road is largely influenced by your personality type. It is true that factors such as road type, urgency need to reach your destination, other road users, and type of car influence how you drive, but your type of person still determines how you handle yourself behind the wheels.

To this extent, you must ensure your car has the perfect types of recommended tyres for it before leaving home or embarking on any trip. You begin with this by checking that your car tyres fit perfectly; and that they are the recommended type.

If you are not certain of your car tyres or need professional opinions, you can check Twitter with the hashtag #WheelsOfTheRoad or head to TyrePlus to learn more about your car tyres.

Right Tyres for Your Car

Major Importance of Checking Your Car Tyres

When you use defective, underinflated or illegal tyres for your car, you could be stopped by the police and fined. But beyond this, you could be prone to an auto accident caused by bad tyres. This is the more reason you should be concerned that you are using the recommended tyres that fit with your car model. Here then are the issues to check with your car tyres before embarking on any major trips:

  • Thread depth in the grooves on the tyres
  • Correct air pressure – tyres must not be underinflated or overinflated
  • Damage resulting from cracking, scrapes, bulges, cuts, snags, punctures, and foreign objects such as stones, glass, nails and screws, etc.
  • Valve cap on each valve stem to keep moisture and dirt out
  • Wheel placement and balancing

If you know nothing about tyre inspections and unsure of what to look out for on your tyres, then be certain to reach out to #WheelsOfTheRoad on Twitter for instant help.

How Your Personality Type Impacts How You Prep For a Journey

It has been established that your personality type shows through when you drive on the roads. Here then are some personality types behind the wheels on our roads:

  • The thrill-seeker
  • The motor enthusiast
  • The sightseer
  • The family
  • The movie buff
  • The photographer

Given that your personality comes through when you drive on some particular types of roads and terrains, there are various types of tyres that are most suitable for various roads. Some of these vehicle tyre types include the following –

  • All Season/All Weather tyres
  • All Terain tyres
  • Runflat tyres
  • Reinforced tyres
  • Summer tyres

The way you will drive, coupled with the type of roads to navigate, determines the types of tyres suitable for your trip. You can speak with a vehicle tyre expert if you are not sure of the type of tyres to use for any particular journey you are preparing for.

Do not take the issues of checking or changing your bad tyres with levity. You can book online to have mobile tyre fitting experts come to your location and help with your vehicle tyre needs. They will be glad to inspect your tyres for any issues, carry out required wheel balancing on your vehicle, replace bad tyres and valves, repair damaged tyres and dispose of old ones without any extra costs to you. Contact expert tyre fitters today and enjoy a safe trip that makes you a master of the roads.

How Your Personality Should Help With the Right Tyres for Your Car

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