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Rising Star – 5 Ways to Make Your Brand a Household Name

by Olufisayo
5 Ways to Make Your Brand a Household Name

Take a quick look at the picture below. Does your mind immediately think “Apple”?

Wouldn’t it be great if consumer’s brains automatically made that kind of association with your company when they saw your product? Whatever your field, there are likely going to be at least five similar, competing options on the market. Brand recognition is a pivotal driver of consumer choice, so ensuring you’re instantly recognizable is a crucial part of any marketing strategy.

Here are some simple tricks to make that challenge more manageable.

5 Ways to Make Your Brand a Household Name

Brand Everything

Literally, everything. In addition to the obvious items, such as signage on your building, stationery and business collateral, don’t be shy to splash your logo around wherever you can. Don’t attend a client meeting or trade show without a handful of branded promotional products, distribute apparel emblazoned with your logo to staff and encourage them to wear it – there are so many options to give your brand prominent exposure.

Have Unique, Eye-Catching Packaging

Your packaging is so much more than a container in which to store your products. Think of it as your second business card and a crucial part of the customer experience that can differentiate you from your competition. In most cases, consumers are going to be drawn to whatever LOOKS best, not what the media and advertising have told them is best. In a work in which instant gratification dominated and attention spans are shrinking, first impressions count for more than ever.

Highlight Your Point of Difference

If everyone else has a blue car, but yours is red, you’re going to stand out. Use this to your advantage. Draw attention to what makes you different from other options and why you chose to do things the way you have. Hire a billboard, create a catchy slogan and make sure it’s prominently displayed on all your packaging and marketing tools. How you choose to express your core message matters less than the fact that you are doing so consistently and across all your promotional and marketing channels.

Don’t Hide from the Spotlight.

Simply put, no big brand ever got where they are today by shying away from making a statement. Wallflowers come last in business every time, so if you’re the shy type, it’s probably time to face your fears head-on. While we won’t go so far as to say that “any publicity is good publicity” adage, it’s crucial that you seek out opportunities to get your brand into the public eye. Whether that involves putting out regular press releases, pursuing media opportunities or even sponsoring your local junior sports team, the more you’re in the public eye, the more you become a part of your target market’s consciousness. After all, how can you hope to be a household name if no one knows your name?

Engage with Your Customers

This one is mostly down to exceptional customer service. Proactive is always better than reactive, so make sure your marketing includes content explicitly designed to start a conversation or raise interest in an issue rather than just shamelessly peddling your products. It’s all about creating context and educating your audience about the problems you solve or the need you fill.

It’s also critical to always respond to queries and feedback, both positive and negative, as it shows your customers that you care.

Becoming a household name isn’t going to happen overnight. Adopt the above strategies, stay true to yourself and your brand and never say die. It’s the only pathway to becoming the next big thing.

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