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Everything You Need to Know About Running a Successful Small Hotel

by Olufisayo
Running a Successful Small Hotel

As a budding entrepreneur, you are no doubt amazed in wonder at how the hotel industry has beaten the economic crisis.

The hospitality industry is one of the few industries that have seen steady growth during the recession. With that in mind, an increasing number of people are taking a risk and are ploughing their coffers into the hotel trade. If you are one of these people, who are eager to build a recession proof business, then read on.

You will find practical advice on how to run a successful hotel:

Running a Successful Small Hotel

Start Small, Think Big

If you are a newbie in the hospitality trade, it is important to start small. Taking on a small hotel or guest house is perfect for beginners in this highly competitive industry. It may be worthwhile taking on a hotel that is already established, but changing it to fit in with your business model and scope. Starting small is the key so that you can learn your new trade on the job. What is more, by starting small you are eliminating financial risks. Once you have established your hotel, you can look at investing in other buildings and properties. You need to look at expanding slowly to beat any financial implications that may arise.

Cleanliness is Key

Word of mouth is important for the hospitality trade and so you need to ensure that your hotel scores top marks in the cleanliness stakes. It may be worthwhile employing the services of professional cleaners and laundry experts, such as Laundry Express, to ensure that your hotel is immaculate. Your clients will want a perfect hotel. While the decor doesn’t have to be bang on trend, they will be expecting a comfortable bed to sleep in as well as clean facilities as a bare minimum. If you cannot provide this to your clients, you will receive negative press.

The Customer is Always Right

Regardless of what you may think, your clients are your most important asset. They pay the bills. So, if something is not right for them, or they are particularly vocal about their dissatisfaction with your hotel you need to listen to them. While some people do like to moan about the smallest of things, your customers are the gateway into having a successful, and profitable, business. Providing your customers with nothing short of perfection and excellence will stand you good stead while you build your empire. The customer is always right.

Money Matters

Ensuring that you have a profitable business is imperative for success. However, instead of splashing the cash on luxuries, you will need to plough money back in your business. As the saying goes, you need to spend money to make money. This is particularly true in the hospitality trade. Ensuring that you have top of the range mattresses, beds and shower facilities are important to your guests. So, while your mini-empire may not seem much now, you will need to update your hotel as you go along. Making money is important, but it is also important to keep your customers happy.

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