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Same Day Printing—How to Ensure Quality Delivery

by Olufisayo

In competitive business material often has to be printed as soon as possible. In those cases, they’ll often opt for a company that offers same-day printing services. While the concept may seem pretty basic, there’s a lot that has to be done if you expect quality work at such short notice. If you’re not careful, the limited timeframes and pressure associated with tight deadlines will result in you getting substandard work.

Fortunately, we’re here to give you a few pointers so that your printing company can produce work in the required timeframes. But the best part is you won’t be compromising on quality.

5 Steps to Ensuring Quality Service Delivery

In the printing industry—or any industry for that matter—the only way you can guarantee repeat business is if you offer your clients the best possible service. Fail to do so and customers will simply visit the next best option. It’s that simple.

So try incorporating the following tips, and we guarantee you won’t be shutting your doors any time soon.

Invest in Quality Printing Equipment

The first thing you need to do as a printing company is to invest in top-quality equipment. Superior devices make the job much easier than if you use low-end machines. Here we’re referring to everything from top-quality printers to laptops. When it comes to printers, make sure they possess the following characteristics for optimum performance.


The printer you buy must be compatible with your computers. And yes, not all printers will work with your PCs. This is because each printer contains drivers that aid in printing. The key here is to purchase a printer with drivers that are compatible with not only your computer but also its operating system.

Replacing Ink Cartridges

When using a printer, you often have to replace the ink cartridge. Even cheaper printers should still work with expensive cartridges so remember to work that into your budget.

Paper Handling

How efficient is the printer at handling paper? A good quality printer can handle papers quickly which translates to a quick turnaround time for each task.


Still, on the subject of turnaround time, a quality printer is naturally designed to perform much faster and more efficiently. In some cases, you’ll be in a position to print while the customer is waiting. So remember that the next time you want to buy the cheapest printer you can find. It won’t serve you well.

Good Print Quality

A top-quality printer won’t disappoint when it comes to print quality. You want a printer that not only performs fast but also delivers high-quality print products clear text and images.

Source Only the Best Raw Materials

The next thing you need to invest in after superior printers are quality raw materials. This refers to all the essentials needed to make your printing job a breeze; from quality ink to paper. Only then can you produce high-standard work.

Compare different suppliers so that you decide on the best possible service provider. Make sure the supplier doesn’t only provide you with quality role materials but also:

  • Reliable when it comes to delivering the material on time
  • Responsive if there’s a query and you want to change the order
  • Affordable and doesn’t overcharge you for the products

Proofing and Testing

It’s important that you conduct full proofing and testing on all your printing devices before each print run. Check if everything is as it’s supposed to be, with no paper or ink out of place. And also double-check the settings on the printer to ensure they’re the right ones for the task. Taking these precautions will allow for:

  • Optimal accuracy
  • Timely delivery
  • No repeat jobs

Accurate Colour Management

To provide the best possible service your printing company needs to make accurate colour management a priority. Colour management is a crucial component of the printing process. It’s basically the process that’ll determines if your printer produces a correct colour representation as per your customer’s request.

Make sure you take time to accurately calibrate the colour profiles to meet international standards.  This will ensure that the printer colour is consistent from one print run to the next. Failure to do so will mean you’ll have to deal with repeat jobs because the client isn’t happy with the final colour. This effectively means you’re likely to fail to deliver within the same day timeframe requested.

Check Printed Sheets During Printing

To avoid a situation where you only realise at the end of a print run that you’ve printed incorrectly, it’s advisable to conduct in-line proofing. This means you check the quality of the printed material at specific intervals during printing.

By in-line print proofing, you check the sheets against the signed-off print proof to determine if it’s the correct quality. Where necessary you can double-check for added precision and accuracy throughout the batch. Check for the following:

  • If the letters are printed correctly
  • Spelling errors
  • Misprints
  • If it’s the correct sizing
  • Same quality

Final Words

As a printing company, you must maintain the same high quality from the start right up to delivery. This means you must conduct the necessary quality checks and inspect the final product for any discrepancies.

Check each final product for print quality, accuracy and whether it meets the client’s specifications. We’re certain by implementing these aspects, your printing company will stand out from the rest—in a good way.

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