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ScanPST vs. Third-Party PST Recovery Tool: Which One Is Most Effective?

by Olufisayo
ScanPST vs. Third-Party PST Recovery Tool

MS Outlook is a powerful email client platform that stores different types of email items such as contacts, emails, calendar items, attachments, notes, etc. in a local Outlook data file known as PST or Personal Storage Table. When the MS Outlook PST files are corrupted or damaged, you will face various problems regarding the performance of MS Outlook.

Not to mention, you will encounter multiple error messages. The corrupted PST files might also prevent MS Outlook from launching. If you don’t fix the issue as soon as possible, you might face data loss. However, you can repair the corrupted PST files with the help of the perfect PST repair tool.

In this article, we will discuss two different PST repair tools – one is the in-built ScanPST tool and the other is the advanced DataNumen PST recovery tool. This article will help you decide which PST repair tool is most effective at repairing encrypted, inaccessible, large-sized, or corrupted PST data files.

An Overview of the ScanPST or Inbox Repair Tool

The Inbox Repair Tool, also known as ScanPST, is an in-built tool provided by the MS developers so that the users can fix minor Outlook corruption for the PST files. MS developers know that PST files are prone to corruption. This is why they added this tool within the MS Office. When you install MS Outlook, this tool will also be installed automatically and stored within the installation directory. As per the Computer Hope, ScanPST can diagnose and try to repair MS Outlook problems.

If you face problems regarding your MS Outlook application, such as corrupted or damaged PST files, delay in receiving or sending messages, or slow search results, you need to find the location of the ScanPST tool and launch it to solve these issues. After launching the ScanPST tool, you need to choose the corrupted PST files that you want to repair.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to know the location of the corrupted PST files that are linked with the MS Outlook configuration.

How Can You Repair the Corrupted PST files With ScanPST Tool?

After you choose the corrupted PST files, the tool will start a scam that will check the integrity of the PST files. If the tool finds any error or corruption, it will provide the user with an option to repair the corrupted PST files.

The ScanPST tool will start repairing the PST files after you click on the Repair button. However, keep in mind that ScanPST is not the best PST recovery tool as it comes with various limitations.

  • The ScanPST tool is ideal for repairing PST files that are within the size limit of 2GB. This means that the tool is not effective at repairing large PST files. The tool might be able to repair large PST files, but the system might freeze or crash frequently.
  • The tool is perfect for repairing minor PST file corruptions such as missing structure or header. However, it will crash when fixing severely corrupted PST data files.
  • Sometimes, the ScanPST tool repairs the corrupted or damaged PST files by using the irrecoverable mailbox items. This might lead to permanent data loss. Therefore, make sure you create a backup before launching the ScanPST tool.

However, you will be able to overcome these issues if you use the DataNumen PST recovery tool instead of the ScanPST tool.

An Overview of the DataNumen PST Repair Tool

DataNumen PST repair tool for MS Outlook is undoubtedly an advanced tool that will help you repair the PST files, despite their level of corruption or damage. Unlike the ScanPST too, our PST recovery tool is extremely effective at repairing PST files up to 50GB. Even if your PST files are password-protected or encrypted, you will still be able to repair those files.

Apart from that, our MS Outlook PST repair tool doesn’t affect the original location of data of the PST files. Instead, the algorithm will retrieve all the crucial mailbox items from the corrupted PST files and create new PST files to save them there.

Additionally, you don’t need to manually determine the location of the PST files as the PST recovery tool itself will list all the PST files in your designated Outlook account automatically for repair. But you will also have the option to choose the PST files manually for repair.

After you repair the corrupted outlook PST files, the tool will showcase an enhanced preview of the essential mailbox items. This will help you locate the essential emails easily and you will be able to save them in any format you want. Additionally, when you get to save the mail items in formats different than the PST, you will be able to access the emails through common applications such as text editor, web browser, etc.

You can also use our PST recovery tool to export the repaired PST files directly to the live Exchange mailbox or Office 365.


Now you know why our PST recovery tool is better than the ScanPST tool. What are your thoughts? Make sure you comment below to let us know.

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