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10 Great Advantages of Getting A Certified ScrumMaster® Certification Today

by Olufisayo

A lot of software and IT companies today rely heavily on a development process that helps them streamline their efforts and output the best results that they can. With Agile being speedily adopted across the world, there is a burgeoning need for facilitators that can understand the methodology and help teams to shape the processes for their own requirements.

This is precisely where a Scrum Master comes in, which is also why a CSM certification is a highly prized addition that you can have on your resume. Here are some great advantages that you and your company can reap the benefits of, once you are certified.


  1. A better experience for the customer

No matter what kind of product or service a company is involved in delivering, its very existence is due to the presence of a customer base that believes in the company. Everyone aims to please the customer and a Scrum Master can help an organization through it by ensuring:

  • Timely delivery of products/services
  • Minimal instances of failures or downtimes, with quick support mechanisms
  • A transparent project progress report that keeps everyone in the loop

2. Cutting down extra costs

The crux of undertaking a Scrum is to ensure that the traditional processes of endless meetings and discussions without agendas are minimized. When a proper and systemized process is put in place, the entire team is clear on the tasks to be performed within a short period of time. This leaves the team with more productive time on their hands, which clearly increases your return on investment, thereby reducing costs in other superfluous areas.

3. Managing stakeholder expectations effectively

The board members or the stakeholders of the company are responsible for the larger picture of the organization itself, leaving them with little to no information on the aspects at the grassroots level. As a Scrum Master, you can establish that bridge between them both, providing them with feedback, a summarized understanding of project progress and potential pitfalls, thereby navigating their expectations and keeping everyone on the same page.

4. Establishing a central node for all communication

Many leaders would agree that one of the major reasons for a product being delayed or going off-track is a miscommunication. When team members are not on the same page with what needs to be done, there are increased chances of product-related problems occurring, which can put the entire roadmap at risk. A Scrum Master owns it all, by encouraging direct communication and reviewing the progress and risks every step of the way, so that corrective action can be taken almost instantly.

5. A drive to be innovative and welcome novelty

On a personal level, opting for the Certified ScrumMaster® certification is an intelligent choice when looked at from the perspective of organizations. The methodology and processes are still quite new for everyone, and to see a person embrace the new and achieve excellence in it is a skill that many companies keep an eye out for. As a Scrum Master, organizations will come to trust you in spearheading new learnings and trying out innovative ideas to optimize their own processes.

6. Acquisition of newer and better clients

There is a rising trend in today’s times where organizations want to know how a company develops a product before they decide to establish a business relationship with them. And one of the key factors in that is the presence of a Scrum Master. Having such a prized certification with you, an organization will be able to expand its client base and bring in more business for the company, all thanks to your assurance to the clients of adhering to a process that delivers quality products in a timely fashion.

7. Joining a community of the best of the best

As you become a Scrum Master and put your skills to the test, there will be a larger awareness of multiple people in the same field who are well-recognized experts in their own right. Having an opportunity to liaise with them or even work with them can not only expand your skill set but put you in touch with a network of professionals who are driven to do things better than before.

8. Keeping in pace with the modern times

Irrespective of your preference for the agile methodology or Scrum practices, these are precisely what the job market today is looking for. Older development practices are falling out and the relevance of such skills is on the rise. Achieving certification in the same places you in a better position to apply for jobs and being successful at acquiring them as well.

9. Being a part of a future-proof field

Multiple surveys amongst companies have shown that more than half the current projects use Scrum in their processes, and above 90% of the companies are positively recommending Scrums for themselves as well as their peers. These numbers are only bound to increase and drive the need for Scrum Masters even further.

10. The shining star on your resume

Your personal and professional life is definitely going to take a turn for the better if you become a Scrum Master. Major business articles and reports from Scrum Alliance have shown Scrum Masters being one of the top sought-after professionals of today. Needless to say, it would also come with a higher paygrade and perks than any other job.

Apply for a CSM course today and give yourself the career boost you deserve, putting you in the limelight for organizations and companies around the world.

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