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These Are the Secrets of a Successful Concrete Business

by Olufisayo
Successful Concrete Business

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world and the second most consumed substance on the planet after water. While concrete use has somewhat declined in Canada, its consumption has increased in the United States.

Over a hundred million metric tons were consumed in the last decade in North America alone. Meanwhile, China used more cement between 2011 and 2013 than the United States in the entire 20th century.

It’s easy to see why concrete is so popular. It’s cheap to acquire, easy to use, can be shaped into almost any form, can last decades, and is resistant to fire, rust, mould, rain and other elements. Concrete is used in residential projects for structures such as driveways, pathways, patios and yards, and commercial projects for structures such as roads, dams, buildings, bridges, runways and more.

Because of the demand for the material, many businesses offer concrete related services. However, only a few businesses in the concrete industry can claim long-term success. If you visit Canwestconcrete.com – then you’ll find one such locally owned and operated company that offers concrete cutting and coring services and boasts decades of success.

Started as a one-man operation by Dan Hambrook, the company has grown into the biggest of its kind in Western Canada, with offices in multiple cities, and a multimillion-dollar enterprise. They have the coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, multiple awards, and positive reviews from customers. Here are the secrets to their success:

#1 Customer Service

One of the reasons that customers trust them with their work is because they endeavour to get the job done. A can-do attitude, customer service, and a highly-skilled, experienced, professional, and reliable team has helped them turn into a trustworthy brand.

#2 Residential and Commercial Expertise

A key to their success is that they offer multiple residential and commercial services. Not only does this add to their experience, but it keeps their large fleet of equipment, state-of-the-art vehicles, and valuable staff busy.

Some of the residential services they offer include renovations, basement window and door cutting, excavation, demolition, and hydrovac services. Their commercial services include multiple sawing, coring, drilling, cutting, scanning, crushing, breaking, repairs and more. They also offer airport runway construction and bridge repair services.

#3 Satisfied Workers

Happy workers help improve productivity. Not only do they have a great worker’s compensation rating, but they make safety a priority to minimize work-related mishaps. They have multiple health and safety certifications. Workers are trained to handle their powerful tools to avoid hazards and given the best safety gear.

#4 Eco-Friendly Policies

Environmentally-conscious customers enjoy using this company’s services because they believe in being eco-friendly. They use the latest tools that are energy efficient. Their equipment is also emissions-free, with a smaller carbon footprint.

One of the biggest hazards of the concrete cutting business is waste. Not only is it harmful to human beings, but it’s unsafe for the environment. Fortunately, they have invested in sophisticated recycling practices to get rid of waste safely.

These are some of the secrets of a successful concrete business. With a focus on customer satisfaction, great services, and a good attitude, a company can find success in the concrete industry.

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