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5 Reasons Your Business May Need a Storage Unit

by Olufisayo
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Whether it’s a prospective employee, a prospective client, or a long-time customer, first impressions are important, aren’t they? A cluttered, messy office can send that customer right back out the door. It can also cause frustration in the work environment for your employees. One possible solution may be renting a self-storage space near your office.

Many businesses use this for decluttering, securing important items, and housing all overstocked items. When considering renting a storage space, ask the facility about a self storage guarantee.

Experienced facilities have learned to offer a low-cost service upgrade and discount plan that gives extra protection and convenience. It often includes cost savings on products and additional services like free faxing and scanning. If you get lucky, you may even get usage of a move-in truck.

There are a number of reasons to consider how a small storage unit can help your business. Here are just a few which can benefit your venture whether it’s small, large, or a home business.

1. Improved Work Environment

Your office is a reflection of you and your business. If it is messy and unprofessional, clients will tend to think you are too. Start by making a list of everything that goes unused or could be stored for later use like decorations or extra supplies.

A small self storage unit will most likely be just the right size for these items. After moving out the extra items, you can do some interior decorating. Not only will there be an improvement for clients and meetings, but also it will be good for your employees. They will feel encouraged by the changes and work with you to keep everything looking professional and organized.

2. Room For Growth

Hopefully, you plan on having business growth in 2021. This growth could mean more employees, computers, desks, and visitors in your office or store. If you are already overcrowded, then growth may seem impossible. Space issues are very important for determining the path forward for the growth of your company.

A small storage unit can provide storage for items that are not required for daily operations. This will create room for customers and new employees during a year of expansion and growth.

3. Provide Security

Your business may not be at the place where you want to spend money purchasing or renting a warehouse. A self-storage facility is a good option until your business grows to that point. You can keep valuables and extra inventory as well as sensitive client information in the unit.

Most storage facilities have their own security, often including cameras and alarms. Others have security personnel on duty. You will want to make sure you have the access required to get to your business items during the hours you need.

4. Control Over Stock and Inventory

If you are dealing with space issues due to product inventory or extra stock, self-storage could be helpful. Overflow can be moved to the unit while keeping only what is necessary in the office or store.

This will provide room for organization and will make keeping track of items easier. You can also ask about temperature control units, if your inventory would require it. This option works well for a small business and for a home run office.

5. Store Extra Office Equipment

Office equipment can be expensive to purchase. This includes bookcases, tables, desks, computers, and more. In the ebb and flow of business and employees, you may have times where you need to store office equipment.

After a new employee is hired, you can provide what they need by going to storage and picking it up. This saves you from having to buy new items every time you change the office arrangement or hire a new employee. This also can be practical for future growth when you may move to a larger space and need more equipment.

When owning and operating a business, it is important to think creatively about ways to be organized and efficient. Renting a self-storage unit can be one of the ways to accomplish your goals. Creating a pleasant work environment is important for your employees, and it is certainly a good way to keep customers coming back.

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