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Selling Crypto for Cash: How Breet Simplifies the Process

by Olufisayo
Selling Crypto for Cash

It’s no news that cryptocurrency has changed the game in the financial world. From offering newer opportunities for investment to wealth creation. However, many crypto traders do face significant challenges when converting their crypto assets into fiat currency (Naira).

In Nigeria, for example, these hurdles are just precise – the CBN pronounced a direct ban on crypto in Nigeria using commercial banks. Making the trading of cryptocurrency more challenging. This article examines the obstacles faced by cryptocurrency traders in Nigeria and how Breet, a platform designed to make the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies for cash as simple as possible, helps tackle this issue.

The Challenges of Selling Crypto for Cash in Nigeria

 Selling cryptocurrency for cash does come with a lot of challenges, especially when trading in Nigeria.

1. Limited Availability of Reliable Fiat-Onramps

Converting crypto to cash requires access to a reliable crypto-to-fiat trading platform. However, many crypto traders in Nigeria find it “not easy” to get a reliable crypto trading platform that you can trust with your crypto assets. When selling crypto for cash, it is ideal that you use one of the top crypto platforms to convert bitcoin to cash in Nigeria.

2. Transaction Speed

The speed of crypto transactions is crucial. Transactions typically may take hours to complete. On most crypto trading platforms, transactions should complete between 10 and 1 hour. Unexpectedly, some take more than 5 hours. Nevertheless, depending on the software, a few Bitcoin transactions might be completed in under five minutes. How do we propose to verify payment before enabling clients to take their items in situations where we require transactions to be completed fast or when we accept cryptocurrency payments for your business? Do customers need to wait for hours?

Selling Crypto for Cash

The majority of Nigerian crypto merchants have suffered from transaction speeds. This is the main reason why it’s challenging for many Nigerian businesses to accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

3. High & Unnecessary Fees

Another problem that many Nigerians have are cryptocurrency transaction costs. You must analyse the costs both before and after conversion in order to find the best solutions for you. What are the processing, receiving, and withdrawal fees? The country’s crypto trading is severely discouraged by these costs.

4. Security

Security is a very big issue in the crypto space. Not just for Nigerian traders but a severe threat to the global crypto market. As a crypto trader in Nigeria, you need to understand how to avoid P2P scams, protect your identity from address poisoning, and many more common crypto thefts. For one, in particular, you need to trade with a crypto trading platform that assures its users maximum security of funds and takes protection keenly.

There are many more issues a common crypto trader will face when selling crypto for cash, but how do we solve these issues?

Breet: Empowering Nigerian Crypto Traders

In order for crypto traders to sell crypto for cash at a smooth pace, a crypto-selling platform needs to be developed with the purpose of simplifying the process. So unlike the common method of using P2P exchanges that are prone to many crypto-threats, Breet uses an OTC exchange.

Breet is a revolutionary platform that addresses the challenges faced by Nigerian crypto traders when converting their digital assets into cash.

Breet Simple Process

Breet is a revolutionary new way to convert and withdraw your crypto coin without the need for peer-to-peer trading or any third-party agent. With just one click, you can have cash money in hand within five minutes. This way, you are free from crypto theft. But aside from that, Breet platform is seamless. Convenient for both new and well-experienced crypto traders.

To guarantee that traders obtain fair and competitive prices when selling their crypto assets, Breet uses transparent pricing systems. Breet gives consumers the information they need to make wise decisions by showing all transaction costs up front and giving real-time market data. And Breet is completely free. There are no transaction charges for trading with Breet.

Security and Compliance

Breet’s security is top-notch. It understands the importance of security and compliance, and Breet adheres to industry best practices to safeguard its users’ funds and personal information. It’s very simple! You will need your secured password to have access to your account. Also, you are advised to turn on your 2-factor authentication, usually, I prefer the fingerprint entry. Your email address needs to be verified, and there’s the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. Through robust encryption protocols and strict identity verification procedures, Breet ensures a secure and compliant environment for selling crypto assets.

Empowering the Nigerian Crypto Community

Breet is not just any crypto trading platform; it is also committed to educating and empowering the Nigerian crypto community. Through educational resources, Twitter spaces, Instagram live chats, and Telegram community, Breet equips traders with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the crypto-to-cash conversion process confidently.

Conclusion on Breet Simple Crypto-To-Cash Process

Cryptocurrency traders in Nigeria have battled impediments when attempting to trade digital currencies for money. Though, Breet’s radical efforts have emerged as a technique to enhance this methodology. Breet facilitates it for Nigerian cryptocurrency traders to change over their crypto into money by giving consistent fiat-entry points, straightforward evaluating, expanded liquidity, and an emphasis on security and consistency.

The platform is encouraging the use of cryptocurrencies and promoting financial inclusiveness in Nigeria’s digital economy thanks to Breet’s dedication to crypto education and community participation.

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