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Sell Your California Home for Immediate Cash and Get Paid Within 7 Days

by Olufisayo
Sell Your California Home

There are times when the only thing you have to raise immediate cash is your home. Situations also arise where you need to move to another location and therefore put up your house for sale. Whatever your reasons for putting up your house in the market, you can get it sold and earn cash for it within seven days. No questions asked.

Houseowners put up their homes for sale everyday in the United States. Housebuyers are also everywhere to help dispose of your real estate property in the most profitable fashion. You are however in for a great deal if you are located in Southern California and have a house to sell in the following counties:

Sell Your California Home

  • Riverside County
  • Kern County
  • Los Angeles County
  • San Diego County
  • Ventura County
  • Orange County
  • Santa Barbara County
  • San Bernardino County

Getting your homes sold within these listed counties is supereasy; because a licensed, accredited and reputable homebuyer is there to help.

Situations That May Justify Selling Your House

Some people are happy to sell their house out of joyful considerations, while others are compelled to sell to meet financial or legal obligations. Whatever your reasons, here are some situations that could justify your decision to sell your home:

  • Financial distress
  • Unwanted neighborhood
  • Job transfer and relocation
  • Unwanted inheritance
  • Required renovations/repairs
  • Foreclosure
  • Others – code violations, asset liquidation, flooding/fire damage, job loss, expired listing, etc.

For some people, selling their homes is their last resort to getting back on their feet. While some people just need to sell it to move on to greater opportunies in life. Regardless of your reasons for selling, you need help to obtain good buyers in record time and this is where Southern California Home Buyers come in.

Simple Steps to Getting Your House Sold Off for Cash Within Seven Days

You wouldn’t have the patience for long drawn-out terms and conditions put up by realtors when your economic situation is critical. You’d want cash, and want it fast if your situation is tough and urgent. That is why Southern California Home Buyers is your number one choice when it comes to instant cash purchase for your house.

Realtors and estate agents have various terms before helping to sell your house. But Southern California Home Buyers have the following three simple steps to buying your house:

Fill out an application form to sell your house

You can initiate the process of getting cash for your house by filling out an online form. You can complete the form within 3 minutes. You only need to input your name, email, phone number, property address and your asking price for the property.

Company representatives will evaluate your house

As soon as your application is received, you can expect to get a call from a company representative. They will discuss the state of your property and other surrounding issues with a view to arriving at a decent cash offer.

Accept cash offer for your house

As soon as management arrives at a decision over your house, you will be offered a cash purchase. If the offered price is good by you, Southern California Home Buyers will move your money into an escrow account. The money will then be released to you on the exact date you need it for your needs.

Assurances You Must Have Over the Sales of Your House

Selling your house to raise cash should not be an eventual loss to you. If you are in Southern California and willing to sell to Southern California Home Buyers, you can have the following assurances:

  • Regardless of the condition or repairs required for your house, you can be assured it will be bought from you at some price.
  • You do not have to make any out-of-pocket expenses towards the sales of your house. The buyer has offered to cover all costs related with the sales.
  • It does not matter if your house is facing a foreclosure or you fear damages to your credit rating. These will be factored into the property purchase.
  • You are not obligated to accept cash offered to you. You are free to decline it and renegotiate or simply move on.
  • In the rare case that your debt is much more than the value of your property, you can still be assured of a purchase since the buyer strives to make the deal a win-win situation to all parties.

Getting cash for your property is possible within a number of days if you’d only make up your mind to sell to a reputable, licensed homebuyer. But note, it’s beneficial if you could put all things in order even the plumbing. Contact Plumber Long Beach for more info.

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