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Learn How To Set Up Your Own Real Estate Business With This Handy Guide

by Olufisayo
Set Up Your Own Real Estate Business

It’s no secret that real estate is quite a profitable industry to be in. People and businesses buy and sell their properties through real estate agents and brokers every day.

Some folks try to sell their properties themselves. But without the expert knowledge and help of a real estate company, their chances of success aren’t that great.

Do you have a gift for selling? Are you articulate and happy to do what it takes to close a deal? If so, you should consider setting up your own real estate business. Today’s rough guide will show you how!

Set Up Your Own Real Estate Business

Startup costs

Before you embark on the journey to business success, it is important that you consider your startup costs. Setting up a real estate business will need a lot of initial investment. Some of the things that you have to pay for include:

  • Leasing or buying an office;
  • Branding, including signage;
  • Marketing;
  • Employees;
  • Insurance.

You will also need to put aside around three to four months’ worth of operating costs when you start your real estate business.

Broker licensing

When you set up a real estate business in the United States, you must get a real estate broker’s license. In many states, this means you have to take and pass a state-approved course.

You will also need to be older than 21 years of age. And you need to have at least two years’ worth of real estate sales experience. In other words, you need to work for what will soon be one of your competitors!

Office considerations

A real estate business is pretty much a public-facing organization. You will meet with clients on a regular basis. And people passing by your office may also enter your office to ask about properties you have for sale.

When setting up your office, you need to consider its location and how accessible it is to others.


You will doubtless have people working for you in your real estate business. These men and women are the people that generate revenue for your company by selling to clients.

With a team of salespeople, it is important you set up territories for them to cover in your local area. That way there will be no disputes over commission.


Most companies use a plethora of technology to increase productivity and efficiency. Real estate agent businesses are no exception to this rule.

As part of your startup costs, you will no doubt have put aside some money for computer systems. You should also invest in some software for specific use in your industry, such as the software sold by InfoTrack.

The last thing an estate agent wants to do is waste time doing things “by hand” when automated systems can make light work of it all!


An essential part of any business is marketing. Develop ways to bring in new clients. For example, an easy-to-use website can help get the attention of potential clients in your area.

Advertising in local newspapers and sponsoring local events can also help too.

Good luck!

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