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The Booming Market of Dolls and Why Men Seem to Like Them Best

by Olufisayo
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The first shock that greeted our world when sex dolls were first introduced to the market has fizzled off, and we now have a booming market where men and women go for sex dolls to satisfy their weirdest fantasies.

Many manufacturers and marketers of sex dolls such as jsdolls.com offer perfectly designed dolls customized to customers’ preferences, and they are delivered to end-users in a discreet manner.

A sex doll is a life-sizes voluptuous synthetic replica of a woman used largely as a sexual partner. It may have genitals that vibrate to during masturbation or sexual escapade with it, and the genitals may be removable or interchangeable under certain instances.

Many men who have bought one said having sex with it is like having sex with a real, live woman. While the market is booming and both men and women are fascinated with sex dolls, users explain reasons why they prefer them to real women for sexual encounters.

Here are the reasons why men seem to like sex dolls best:

  • Sex dolls do not take a break from sexual activity

Many men say sex dolls do not get tired or complain of longer sex activities. Once the batteries are charged, the sex dolls can go on for hours and days and weeks without complaining, unlike humans.

  • Sex dolls do not cheat

Men say women cheat, but not sex dolls. They do not get tired and they do not cheat or even get pregnant. There are also no strings attached to sleeping with a doll since the doll won’t fall in love with you. There is no emotional attachment to it and everything is always good by the doll.

  • Men learn sexual expertise with them

Many said they have enjoyed greater sex performances by learning from a sex doll. They said they built their sexual confidence after practising with a doll. They said they lost their shyness with a doll and are able to master the art of thrusting, squeezing, pacing their activity and other related things.

  • No need to protect yourself with a condom

Since sex dolls do not cheat and would not say they are pregnant, men can enjoy sex with them forever without the need to wear protective condoms. There is also no risk of getting infected with STDs since the doll will remain faithful to its owner.

  • Saves you lots of money

The owner will not need to spend money on buying birthday gifts for his sex doll or even take it out to dinner at some expensive restaurants.

The doll won’t bat an eyelid if its owner brings in a woman while it watches and it won’t complain if its owner makes love to another doll at its very presence. It will not ask for monthly allowances or demand for ice-cream, helping its owner to save good money for some other important projects.

These among others are some of the reasons men prefer to have sex with sex dolls which they purchased online or from the stores.

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