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Should You Hire a Transformation Director?

by Olufisayo
Transformation Director

In order to survive in today’s ever-changing business world, companies often go through periods of major change and transformation. This enables businesses to stay relevant, sustainable and profitable. Periods of change are often challenging and resource-heavy, so it is crucial to ensure the best resources are in place.

Granted, change and transformation are usually carried out across specific areas of the business, to solve specific issues – however, the results will eventually influence the rest of the business. Therefore, making the right decisions and having the right people to support the business is vital as there is no time for mistakes.

This is when many businesses choose to enlist the help of experienced interim experts and have a transformation director join the organization to support them in achieving their goals. But why do certain companies make this decision and what is necessary to succeed? Here are some things to take into consideration:

Decision-making: On many occasions, it is difficult to see the positives within your organization but having a fresh perspective re-engages staff, managers and creates a positive atmosphere. Having an outsider’s perspective, transformation directors have a more objective view of issues, therefore they do not shy away from difficult decisions. Their aim is to ensure organizations are able to grow effectively, without implementing changes that will drastically affect company culture. So, that decision making takes into consideration each businesses’ vision, values, goals, and objectives.

Self-motivated and self-managed: These very experienced individuals are excited by challenges! As independent hires, they show immediate commitment and are keen to get hands-on. Their motivation comes from within which they use as the driving force to effectively manage the work. It is crucial that the hired transformation director’s values align with the organization, so the collaboration is effective.

Communication: Even though the essence of a business may not change, it is very likely that some everyday aspects of the business will. There is a chance your employees will have to learn new skills, processes and their daily routine might change. As creatures of habit, this may cause upset and discomfort – it is essential that this aspect of change is also catered to. Transformation professionals have unique approaches to problems and are very enthusiastic; moreover, their experience with change means they will be able to advise and support you on how to manage the emotional aspect of this process.

Change makes is easier for businesses to grow: it gives companies an edge in reaching new markets, new opportunities, and new audiences. Therefore many would recommend having an experienced individual in your corner to help you adopt new methods and support you to grow beyond your competition.

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