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Side Hustles for Extroverted Entrepreneurs

by Olufisayo
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If you are someone who feels energized after spending time with other people, you may have an extroverted personality type. People who fall into this category use their minds differently than more introverted people who prefer to recharge alone. Extroverts tend to be fast thinkers and they work well with others. They often see opportunities that other people miss, and they can find solutions readily.

Because of these tendencies, extroverts are well suited to certain lines of work. In this article, we will look at some of the best career options and side hustles for extroverted people and provide ideas on how to get started.

Real Estate

When you like talking to people, choosing a job that requires you to work one on one is a natural fit. Real estate checks this box. The position requires you to listen to your clients’ needs and match them with properties that fit those needs. You also get to speak openly about the pros and cons while ultimately working to sell a property.

To become a real estate agent, you need to take a relatively short course and pass a licensing exam. The exact requirements vary by state.


Retail is another option. When you work in a shop, you get to interact with a variety of people every day and you get a chance to share a passion. Extroverts who like bicycling could work at a bike shop or people interested in fashion could work at a clothing store. Getting a job in the retail sector is easy and straight forward — just go in to apply or send in your resume.


One option is to join a startup (or start your own business). Research from Stanford shows that extroverts do really well in these roles. The companies who employ them simply generate better ideas, especially in emerging markets or industries that do not have an established path to growth. Networking tends to be better too.

To find a job at a startup, networking can help put you in touch with the right people, especially if you are already working in an industry you like. You can also look at a website for startup jobs like AngelList.


Consider coaching as well. Extroverts can be great life coaches, helping people understand their motivations and how they can reach their goals. You might want to consider other types of coaching as well, such as personal training, group fitness, or yoga teaching.

From life and wellness coaches to fitness instructors, you don’t need to have a college degree. Experience helping people reach their goals will often suffice. In some cases, you may need a certification or training class, but it doesn’t take very long to earn either.

Direct Sales

Finally, consider direct sales. Basically, these companies allow you to sell their products in exchange for a commission. They also provide tools and resources to help you become successful. Amway is a good example. It sells health and beauty products. However, sometimes direct selling companies are misunderstood — even Amway has been called a pyramid scheme — but they can be very legit ways to earn extra money.


Being an extrovert helps you work well in a group and develop creative solutions to complex problems. The tendency to look outside of yourself also tends to make you a good talker and a people-focused innovator. Choose a path for your career or side hustle that plays to your natural strengths and you will set a course for true professional fulfillment.

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