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Signs That It’s Time To Quit and Become an Entrepreneur

by Olufisayo
Signs That It's Time To Quit and Become an Entrepreneur

Many people get stuck in employment due to a great fear of the unknown. The fear is founded. While not everyone has the muscle for the stormy business world, many people stifle great potential by not making a move. Once in business, you will learn tricks of not only surviving but thriving in the field as well.

How do you know it’s time for the great jump? See if you can identify with the signs below.

Signs That It's Time To Quit and Become an Entrepreneur

Persistent thoughts won’t leave your mind.

It is common to keep imagining how it would be like to be in charge at work as an employee. Taking it up from dreaming is key, and makes the whole difference. When it is time, you will find it hard to keep up with your dreams when you have done nothing with them. Whenever you find that you spend more time thinking about your business than anything else, it is time. Being good at something does not mean you are cut out for it.

Passion to work overrides the one for your job

If you feel stuck in a rut in employment, have some introspection. It might be time to step out. Things like waking up to report to work begin to be a real struggle. You spend more time and a lot of energy to get prepared. At work, ordinary tasks become draining, and enthusiasm is gone. When you do not care who sets your workload and schedule every day, and start operating like a robot, think again.

When the time comes that you feel that you are better off somewhere else, the entrepreneur is calling. Most people just outgrow their jobs. You get the nagging feeling to try it out. As an entrepreneur, you may have reached your peak, and now your production is going downhill.

You may find yourself subconsciously opposing what your organization stands for and does. You become an obstacle when this happens. This feeling precedes a strong urge to do things differently or make significant structural changes. Most of the times, what you yearn to effect is beyond you.

Need to control your time

Aspiring entrepreneurs feel the need to be in total control of their time. A lot of hours goes into start-ups. You cannot decide how to spend your time when someone else controls it. To get the business started and established, you will most likely need to work more hours than you put in your job.

Obviously, no employer will allow you to run your business at the expense of your job. If you get to this crossroad, you have to choose between the two. This is the right time to invest more time in your business.

Results of your work are not satisfying

Naturally, when has completed a task, there is a sense of satisfaction that engulfs you. When this feeling is no longer there, and you struggle to find fulfillment, it may be an indication of a deeper need. Jobs starts of exciting and thrilling. Upcoming entrepreneurs may find nothing to celebrate even in achievement.

Most employers reward employees to boost their morale. This can be either through a promotion, cash award or any other form of acknowledging. When it is time to move, no incentives are appealing. No thrill or joy comes with any recognition whatsoever. Pay attention as this could be a clear sign that you have nothing more to look forward to in your job.

If you are planning to fund the business by borrowing, take time and learn about government debt relief programs. Armed with the right information at your fingertips, necessary tools of trade and capital needed, you can make the jump.

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