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Six Essentials for the Beginner Entrepreneur

by Olufisayo
Beginner Entrepreneur

If you’re planning to start your journey into entrepreneurship in the upcoming year, we’re rooting for you. However, many novices go into the world of business without having a lot of things figured out.

To help you make the most of your foundational stage, we have six crucial tips that every entrepreneur should pay attention to. Following these, your life will be more organized and help you systematically create a business you’re proud of!

A Work PC: This is a very important aspect of setting up a business because everything today is digital. If you don’t have a personal computer yet, make sure you get one. Working from your phone all the time can turn out to be counterproductive, and painstaking.

A personal computer that you segregate into business and self-use desktops (Available on Windows 11) can help you focus on the tasks at hand while making sure that your work is not hindered. A laptop or computer is a worthwhile investment if you’re an entrepreneur, which will help you contact clients online in meetings, give pitches, present to multiple users, and use integrated systems as your business grows.

Extension Display: If you’re working in the developmental and technological aspect of business, having a second display is highly necessary to make sure you’re looking at multiple codes and applications running simultaneously. Make sure you get an external screen with great backlit displays so that your eyes feel less stressed working throughout the day.

A Business Phone Number: If you already haven’t done this, it’s time to separate your work life from your personal. What this does is make sure that your work has boundaries and does not bleed into your personal time. As for contacts, using your business number will give you exclusivity, knowing that the number is only available for client and inquiry use. Giving your personal number away for work as an entrepreneur is unprofessional as well as risky.

Social Media: All your prospects are available on social media today, especially if it is a creative or tech-dominant industry. What we have noticed is that social media platforms provide excellent ways to push your presence online using audience filters and low-cost promotions. In the later stages, as your business grows, you can use the same accounts to promote your products and services, reach out and improve client engagement, and provide multi-channel customer service quickly.

An Excellent Portfolio: How does one lure clients if they don’t have a great portfolio. If you have started getting customers, it is important to make your portfolio based on their cases, recommendations, and results. Make sure to add your client’s feedback to your portfolio.

A World-Class Pitch: If you haven’t started getting clients yet, start working on your pitch. It is the plot of your business that will make a potential customer interested enough before your talent speaks!

Wrapping Up:

These were out top six pieces of advice for novice entrepreneurs. We hope that you apply them well and come out victorious in the year ahead!

Photo by PICHA Stock from Pexels

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