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Smart Ways to Get More Shares on Facebook

by Olufisayo
Smart Ways to Get More Shares on Facebook

Facebook is arguably one of the most popular social media platforms having over 2 billion users, and many business owners are looking to get the attention of some of the loyal Facebook users.

Using Facebook as a marketing platform has proven to be very effective seeing as readers can post, comment, share or like posts. When readers interact with your page, they are inadvertently interacting with your business and this is appealing to many entrepreneurs. Before you gauge the success of your social media campaigns on Facebook share counter, it’s important to have an audience or at least attract one.

Below are a few tips to generate more shares and more engagement with your Facebook posts ultimately boosting your business.

Smart Ways to Get More Shares on Facebook

Keep It Short And Sweet

According to a study by Buddy media, Facebook posts that have an average of 80 words get 27% more engagement from readers compared to posts that are longer in length. There are a lot of posts running through a feed at any given moment, so it’s understandable why it’s important to keep your post short yet interesting in order to grab users’ attention.

The reality is that there are a lot of things that can easily distract your target consumer’s attention while they are online, and having a long post can easily deter them from reading it. If the post has to be lengthy in order to rely your message, you can put in a link at the end of short paragraph that says ‘read entire post here’. Don’t shy away from long posts if they are necessary for your brand. However, ensure your content is relevant, interesting and helpful.

Good Timing

How often you post depends on your brand and your audience. For instance with a news website, putting up posts every minute is necessary, however this might not be the case for other sites. So how do you know when is the ideal time to engage with your audience?

One of the best way to estimate the right time to do this is using Facebook insights. This will give you graphs that tell you at what time in the day your audience is most active online. Make use of such times to post interesting content that will most likely get you more shares.

Use Images

Why say it while you can show it. Posting a thought provoking or emotional picture can get your fan page buzzing. Adding an image to your post makes it stand out among a sea of text filled content on your reader’s news feed. However, this doesn’t mean that every post has to have an image, you can spice things up by adding other media options such as videos, links, audios and so forth.

When you do decide to add a picture, ensure that it is interesting and still visible even when it is scaled down, since most users tend to reduce the images while they are on their smartphones.

Add a Call To Action

Many people shy away from out rightly seeking help from their readers as they fear it may seem a tad desperate. But, incorporating a call to action in your posts can go along way into ensuring the success of your campaigns. Don’t be afraid to pose a simple call to action by asking you fans, friends, subscribers or even people who are simply passing by to share your content with other people.

When a few people press that share button it will undeniably boost your exposure, attract more traffic and maybe get you new loyal customers. All you have to do is ensure that your content is interesting and strikes a cord with your audience. Getting your readers to connect emotionally to your message is a great way to implore them to share your content with their friends.

Interact With Your Readers

Social media platforms are not called social for nothing. The very basis of subscribing to these platform is to have some sort of interaction with someone or a group of people, and this same principle applies to businesses as well. A few great ways to boost engagement as well as shares includes having contests, promotions or drawings on your pages.

However, it’s important to be aware and follow the Facebook guidelines with regards to the above before engaging your audience in them. Another simple way to interact with your audience is to simply reply to their comments. If it was a question, your reply could be helpful to your readers and if not, it helps in other ways since it shows that you acknowledge and appreciate your fans and the time they have taken to go through your content. You can also pose a question to your readers to spark a conversation. Their responses might also give you great ideas on how to improve your brand.

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