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Solar Water Heating Solutions and How Your Household Can Benefit From It

by Olufisayo
Solar Water Heating Solutions

Solar water heater or solar domestic hot water system is the use of solar power and water storage tanks to heat water for domestic or industrial purposes.

It is the cheapest way to heat water for home use since solar power can be harvested for free to do the heating. The system is used in the United States, China, Turkey, the Caribbean and Egypt among other countries in the world.

The two main components are harvested solar energy and water tanks for heating purposes as seen on hydrosolar.ca. Once a solar power is available to collect the solar energy and storage tanks are already installed for the purpose, circulating pumps and controls may or may not be used for heating system.

The solar water heater is active if pumps and controls are used to regulate the amount of sunlight applied and water heated, and it is passive if circulating pumps and controls are absent.

There is also a direct and indirect circulation system. It is direct if the heated water is pumped through the solar collector and water tanks directly into residential homes, and indirect if the water must first pass through collectors and a heat exchanger. For the tank, there is the one-tank and the two-tank systems; the solar heater first heats the water prior to entering the normal heater for the two-tank system, and the backup heater with the solar converter in one single tank for the one-tank system.

For residential homes, the three types of solar systems used are the flat plate solar converter, the integral collector storage system, and the evacuated tube solar collector. You can buy a laser marking system for when heated water will be in greater demand for the house. Some water tank comes with freeze protection to prolong the longevity of the system and prevent freezing in cold climates. And it is also possible to install overheat protection so that where the water in the tank is not used for a day or two, it will not overheat due to high temperature.

There are positive and negative cost factors associated with installing a solar water heating system in residences, and these are –

  • High price of solar water heater for complex systems
  • Efficiency of the system
  • Cost of installation
  • Cost of electricity or fuel used for pumping the water around the house
  • The maintenance cost involved for anti-freeze and pump replacements
  • Heat exchangers and heat transfer fluids for the solar water heating systems

The accessories on johnsonscale.com, for setting up the water heating system could be expensive depending on your location and the efficiency of the entire installation. But in the overall, solar water heaters and associated water storage tanks are a necessity for residences and commercial facilities. The benefits outweigh the cost implications especially in extremely cold climates where water must be constantly heated for general use.

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