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The Financial Experts Do Not Always Agree, and That Is Why Investors Turn to Stansberry Research

by Olufisayo
Stansberry Research

Mike DiBiase, financial expert and editor of Credit Opportunities recently wrote about his economic forecast for the upcoming year. He believes that people should expect to Witness the largest number of corporate bankruptcies in the country’s history.

He addressed this topic in the Stansberry Research June 2019 issue of Credit Opportunities. Mike went into great length to share his thoughts with his readers. In his opinion, the series of expected bankruptcies can be a factor that helps to open many windows of opportunities for investors. He projects that there will be a great amount of profitable courses of action for investors to consider.

Mike goes on to note that individuals will need to know where to look to grasp these opportunities. A recent report published by Mike DiBiase explains more about what he foresees as an eventual economic turn. He does further explain, however, that there are other experts who do not believe that this prediction will come to be.

Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is an American publishing company that operates out of Baltimore, Maryland. The company was founded by Frank Porter Stansberry in 1999. Porter is an author, and he created the newsletter, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. It is published on a monthly basis, and his newsletter focuses on investments in areas such as commodities, stocks, real estate, and more.

Porter Stansberry is also the editor of other financial publications. He writes the financial newsletter entitled, Porter Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. Additionally, the Porter Stansberry’s Put Strategy Report is published regularly for his subscribers. Porter is also a contributing editor to two other works. They are entitled, the Daily Wealth and Growth Stock Wire. These reports are available from Stansberry Research, and customers have a choice to receive any or all of the reports published by the company.

The staff of editors at Stansberry is comprised of editors who have a broad range of financial backgrounds. They perform in-depth research and keep up to date on the global and domestic financial news. Many of their readers guide their own investment strategies by the information they obtain from Stansberry’s publications, and many have been customers of the firm for many years. The company has subscribers who range from beginning to experienced investors who reside in numerous countries around the world.

Marty Fridson has served in the financial industry for years. He is a highly respected professional and renowned as a researcher and author. Among his areas of expertise is in the high-yield debt sector. Marty has come to be known as the “dean” for his thoughtful research and vast knowledge on the topic of high-yield debt. He holds the position of Chief Investment Officer at Lehmann, Livian, and Fridson Advisors.

Marty is the annual host of the New York City-based High Yield Bond Conference. The conference is attended by many of the top bond industry insiders. They have the opportunity to share their views and hear the perspectives of the other experts in the bond markets. Mike DiBiase attended the conference this year. He reported with some surprise that many of the opinions that were expressed by the attendees were optimistic in nature. He learned that Marty Fridson and other authoritative speakers are of the belief that a market correction is not likely to occur in the next year.

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