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Easy Tips to Build Your Startup Tech Team on a Budget

by Olufisayo
Startup Tech Team

Establishing a startup is fraught with challenges, even more, if you want to break into the tech domain. Everything in the IT industry is expensive, including human resources. Building a team is perhaps the most daunting task you will have to face during the early phase.

Good developers cost money, and hiring them means you can burn your budget quickly. You will have to pay even more for onboarding people with trending skills. But you cannot skimp on a skilled team because employees fuel startup success. Luckily, there are ways to build a startup tech team on a budget. Let us explain how you can do it.

Start small

Starting small is the best piece of advice when you run on shoestring budgets. Do not build a big team straightaway. Add as you go, bringing in people with different tech skills and expertise as you pick new projects down the line.

The mindset will enable you to control costs and keep the team agile. You can allocate funds to strengthen your foundation rather than retain a team with developers who have nothing to do in the early stages.

Bring in experienced tech leads

When it comes to hiring talent for a startup, do not expect easy shortcuts. But having good technical leaders on board can make a difference. They can play a role in expanding your team and help you achieve more with less. You can rely on them for operating with a minimalist approach. Experienced leaders can also keep the juniors motivated to give their best.

Outsource where possible

Having a large in-house team can pressurize your budget in more than one way. You have to spend on recruitment, training, and retention in the long run. Collaborating with an IT outsourcing partner like Devlane is a better alternative. You can augment your tech team on the fly just when you need people for a big project. It can save you from the massive expense of sustaining a big one that sits idle for half the time.

Sort out your communications

Communication is easy when you just start, but it can get complex as you scale down the line. Adding remote developers means you may have to struggle to stay connected. But you can get the best from your resources by ramping up your communications. Invest in robust communication tools and build a process to ensure everyone is on the same page, no matter where they work from.

Involve your developers

Committed and motivated resources can serve as the pillars of a successful startup tech team. Involve your developers and show them how much they matter to your business. Build a culture of trust with the team and outsourced developers. It takes you a step ahead with engagement, and people go the extra mile with contributions. Eventually, you can achieve success even with a small group.

Building a startup tech team on a budget is easier than you imagine. Focus on doing more with less and having the best resources on board. Outsourcing developers can take you a step closer to your dream team.

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