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Content Marketing: JustFly Shares its Strategies for Creating Engaging Content

by Olufisayo
Strategies for Creating Engaging Content

Creating strong content is the crux of a 21st century online marketing department. While teams used to get by on buying up ad spaces and blasting spammy emails, today its all about moving off the edges of the screen and owning content. Whether that is in the form of CRM digests, Podcasts, or branded content, content marketing is about content first. So, how do you make sure your written word is up to snuff?

In order to get some tips I spoke with JustFly. JustFly is an online travel agency that has put a major emphasis on improving their online marketing initiatives. They gave me some tips on writing great content.

Strategies for Creating Engaging Content

Create Original Content

Nothing is more important than creating original content. Google like its. You’ll like it. Your readers will like it. It is honestly the most important aspect of content marketing. While this is very true in terms of SEO, it is also important for readers or listeners who can see through copycat material or spammy marketing speak. It also creates a challenge for you or your writers and benefits your entire marketing regiment.

Write Great Headlines

A crucial element of your written content, headlines are the bridge to your city of original content. Basically ask yourself, do you want to walk across a rickety old wooden bridge? Or do you want to drive a monster truck across the Golden Gate Bridge? Easy choice for most. Headlines are the initial point of contact for almost everyone finding their way to your content. There are many different types of headlines. This includes asking a question, create a list, and more informative and traditional news headlines.

Let People Figure It Out For Themselves

The crux of marketing is to inform people about your product or service in a way that encourages them to convert. While selling something comes naturally to some, JustFly’s review made it clear that subtlety is crucial when it comes to content to marketing. Say you have created a great piece of branded content, traditional marketing rules would dictate that you should include a pitch. Newsflash, great branded content does this automatically. Think of the movie Inception. You know what is more effective then telling someone what to do? Have them come up with the idea themselves.

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