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Repairing, Replacing and Refueling: Strategies for Saving Money on Your Business Fleet

by Olufisayo
Strategies for Saving Money on Your Business Fleet

Business owners need to think a lot about what types of cars they’re going to buy for their fleet. Business managers need to keep a clear head when deciding between vehicles. Different companies require various vehicles to build a complete fleet.

Depending on what type of business you have, your needs will differ according to that. These tips should be taken to heart if you’re going to pick up a new vehicle for your company’s vehicle fleet.


Dealership Tips

A majority of sales reps for business fleets know that you are looking for the best deal. In order to best serve their special class of customers, they’re going to show you the competitive pricing upfront. There isn’t going to be a lot of back and forth with the need to buy an automobile for the fleet.

A lot of fleets are going to require a truck of some kind. A great upfront offer comes from the Ram 3500. It comes equipped with the latest gear, upgrades, and everything you’ll need to be the flagship of your newly found fleet. One of your first strategies for saving money with the business fleet is to get a good deal on your most important of vehicles. Arguably, the truck is one of those vehicles that are essential for a number of businesses.

Questions to Ask

There are a few questions that you should ask both yourself and any car dealers before you buy the car. For example, think about how much space you’ll need for transportation and what the weight capacity is going to be. What kind of truck will do the job best? Also, keep in mind if you have to build up shelving or toolboxes in the bed of the truck for more efficient storage.

Following the physical aspects, think about how many people will be in the vehicle at a time. There could be the driver; a loader or it could be a one-man job. This will determine if you need to have an extended cab or crew cab for the truck. Keep in mind that a truck isn’t just beholden to hauling what it can fit inside the bed. Trailers that can hitch to the truck should be taken into consideration as well. Penner Trailer Sales is the best place to check out different types of high-quality trailers that would suit your budget and requirements.

Keeping Costs Low

There are a few different types of discounts available to those with business fleets. Get all of your cars qualified as a fleet as you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per additional unit. Depending on the size of the company or your needs these discounts can save the business big-time cash.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and compare the invoice price to the actual manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). The best action is to be proactive in seeing that you get the best deal without sacrificing quality over savings. Weigh your options between financing, full purchase, or trade-ins to ensure that you save money on your entire business fleet.

Amelie Ingram knows about vehicles, particularly trucks having grown up alongside the family truck repair shop business which she now co-runs.

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