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Better Ways of Managing Work-Related Stress and Burnouts

by Olufisayo
Managing Work-Related Stress and Burnouts

When you are struggling to keep your day job or increase your incomes and also maintain a healthy family, then you might be treading the path of stress.

Stress is when you suffer from emotional and mental or psychological strains as a result of overusing yourself at work or being unnecessarily anxious and nervous about some other thing related to work, family, health, and finance.

Many people suffer stress because they simply overwork themselves without taking a time out for relaxation or vacation, and many in the end go on to suffer burnouts – a mental and physical breakdown as a result of overwork.

You must learn to watch after your health if you want to live long enough to enjoy the rewards of your labour, and this is the more reason why you must understand how to manage work or family-stress and burnouts.

Know where the stress is coming from

You will do well to understand what is causing stress in your life. Is it the demands of your job – the complexity and tight deadlines? Is it your family finances and related financial obligations? Is it your spouse or romantic date that is stressing you out? Is it the personal projects that you do alongside your office duties that is killing you? Knowing the source of your stress will put you in a better position to dealing with it.

Open a stress journal

Start a stress journal and record events that trigger your stress. Write down how the stress came about and how you feel before dealing with it in a particular way. Just as you maintain a personal diary or work log and make necessary entries, utilise your stress journal for entries related to your stress and you’d have a clearer picture of what ails you and what to do about it.

Analyse how you currently cope with stress

It would be quite helpful if you analyse how you currently cope with stress situations with a view to knowing if you are doing it correctly or if you are contributing to your own stresses without really knowing it.

Smoking, withdrawal from family and friends, using pills and drugs, oversleeping, anger and physical outbursts on people, and overeating or under-eating are not the right ways to cope with stress.

If you have been wanting to drop bad habits like smoking, switching to a healthier alternative such as chewing nicotine pouches may be helpful instead of quitting cold turkey. Click here to know more.

Learning the better way to zone out

Having understood the wrong ways to cope or manage stress, you can now fashion out a better and much healthier way to deal with your stresses. Keeping your emotions in control, taking it easy with people, taking a breather away from work or source of stress, confiding with people that could help and living a healthier lifestyle are some of the better ways to manage your stress problems.

Being in control of your life

Being in control of your life is the major determinant of your ability to personally manage stress and stressful situations. And you can do this by –

  • Learning how to say “no” with firm confidence and full respects
  • Avoiding people that cause stress or limiting your interactions with them
  • Be in control of your environment by turning off the source of stress, e.g. bad TV news, traffic congestions, crowdy markets, and so on.
  • Avoid sensitive topics or subjects that cause you to get excited and that might cause others to offend you
  • Limit your tasks and learn to relax and take care of your body and health.

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