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Stress Management – Recognition and Change

by Olufisayo
stress management

Stress is now one of the biggest causes of long-term sickness in the workplace. It’s not just restricted to employees, however. Housewives or husbands, the retired, volunteers and the elderly can all suffer from stress caused by any number of factors. Recognising that you are under stress and having a method to deal with it could be invaluable. So, how can a stress management course help with stress?

Firstly, what is stress? Commonly known as “fight or flight”, stress is what happens when your body reacts to a set of circumstances – muscles tense and stop any activity except the absolutely necessary, the heart pumps faster and various chemicals and hormones are released, preparing us for a temporary reaction.

When it works like this – in a specific instance – our body is doing us a favour, but when we feel like this all the time, it is hazardous to our health and if we leave things for too long, we can become depressed. Lots of stress-busting techniques exist, but using a stress management course to deal with stress could be the key to long-term management.

stress management

As we all know, A stress management course helps us relax and focus, giving us the techniques to clear our minds of the world around us and concentrate on improving our inner-selves. Breathing techniques can be used in everyday situations to improve our focus, as can some of the basic postures.

A stress management course can help with disease-related stress, such as that suffered by heart patients, those with asthma or in rehabilitation. Just as the signs of stress are physical, so are the ways we can deal with it and if you can recognise your heart pounding, the onset of headaches or the tensing of your muscles, a stress management course can help you to return you to your normal state, where you will be much more likely to face the cause of your stress and help to overcome it.

A stress management course may not be the absolute answer to stress but it can certainly help you deal with it effectively at important moments. The more you practice the techniques given to you, the more confident you will become in regulating your body’s reactions and the more sensitive you may become to the reactions of others, resulting in a better environment for you and others in your workplace and in the home.

If you think a stress management course could help with your stress problems, contact a respected training company like Watt Works – Stress Management Courses & Training or look for some resources that can give you some guidance on the best breathing and posture exercises for you.

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