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Entrepreneur Sees Huge Lockdown Growth of Subscription Style Business

by Olufisayo
Subscription Style Business

A young man has seen a huge surge in sales for his subscription business, driven by the covid pandemic.

Toby Vacher, a former Oxford-graduate, set up both I Love Gin and Taste Cocktails as a passion project and has been running the online subscription businesses for almost 5 years.

“With a love for gin, I created a gin subscription box which is delivered to customers every month, always with exciting tastes and flavours,” he explains.

“But it wasn’t really until covid hit that the business took off,” Vacher said.

With pub goers confined due to lockdown and unable to share their favourite tipples and cocktail drinks, the opportunity to purchase online gin subscriptions became hugely popular, along with other DIY kits such as restaurant kits, home baking and coffee subscriptions.

“Gin subscriptions make great gifts for loved ones and friends. For just £14 per month, I Love Gin offers a kit which gives you 4 drinks to enjoy and share – with different brands of gin, tonic and new flavours every month. With lockdown, our boxes were just a very enjoyable treat to calm the lockdown blues or even share a drink with colleagues over Zoom.’

Customers can purchase or provide a gift subscription box for 1,3,5 months or more.

“We were in a great position to grow the business when the covid pandemic hit and the lockdown started. We were already well set up on the likes of Amazon, Not On The High Street and with a significant following on Instagram too, with over 50,000 followers.”

“But gin is only part of the business, the other side has been cocktail kits where we offer all the ingredients for your favourite drinks including Mojitos, Margaritas, Espresso Martini and The Bramble.”

“Our mini cocktail kits start at £22 or you can upgrade to £35, which serves 3 to 6 people – and you can opt for a subscription too if you want to send this to someone as a gift or just enjoy a nice, tasty cocktail every month.”

The business has continued to grow, despite the covid numbers easing and the return to offices and pubs.

“Demand for our products has been consistent,” confirms Vacher, “Plus there are always spikes for our product around valentine’s day, father’s day and of course, Christmas.”

“We are delighted to be offering a wide variety of tastes and flavours to our customers, at very reasonable prices, and our passion for the business really shines through.”

For more information, visit Ilovegin.com and tastecocktails.com

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