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Sustainably Upgrading Your Business While Saving Money

by Olufisayo

Maximizing Efficiency

Running even a small business can be expensive. There are quite a few collateral costs which diminish profits. You’re going to have the cost of production, marketing, hiring, and the infrastructure which acts a support for all those things. Making reductions where possible can increase your profit margin while maintaining growth and efficiency.

Thankfully, modern technological advances are making cost reductions more convenient than ever before. Tech solutions like those available with IoT, or the Internet of Things, are fundamentally changing businesses worldwide, even small to medium-sized ones. With IoT, you can remotely control many things that couldn’t be monitored as efficiently as before.

Using just your smartphone, you can turn the temperature up or down at an entire complex. You can activate security protocols, monitor machine integrity, and keep all that data so that it can be later examined for future design of the most efficient operational protocols. This is because IoT allows for mobile technology to be applied almost anywhere.

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IoT is composed of many devices and modern technology solutions. Smartphones, smart televisions, smart cars, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, air conditioners, radios, LED lighting arrays, garage door openers, thermostats—the list goes on. What many fail to realize is that some of these solutions can be used infrastructurally and facilitate exceptional savings.

Smartphones can be used to surrogate and replace your current employee timekeeping system. You may even be able to eliminate the expense of maintaining an internal payroll department.

A True Game Changer

There are modern technology solutions today which make it possible to use online timesheets for employees, eliminating the paperwork hassle and bringing cost-effective utility to your business wherever internet is accessible; as ClockSpot.com points out, this elasticity makes their services: “…perfect for small businesses, franchises, and mobile teams.”

You can finish payroll with the click of a mouse, keep more accurate hours, and even allow employees who have jobs which don’t require locality to work from home, or wherever suits them. Filing of certain reports, compiling of certain reports, statistical analyses, order processing, sometimes even product creation can all happen without a specific location – or multiple locations. An employee can spend part of the day in the field selling pilot tube guided auger boring systems and part at a home office.

If an employee can simply clock in for a few hours when they’re working, you can cut all the infrastructural maintenance fees from your budget and retain the same level of output/operations. Granted, getting the hang of it may take a little while—you’ll have to establish new protocols and only let people you can trust work from home, that kind of thing.


Still, there are additional collateral advantages that could get you government incentives related to environmental impact reduction, depending on the state you live in. This is possible because such cost and resource consolidating options like these reduce your carbon footprint in a number of ways.

Firstly, you cut reams of paper waste from your budget when you go the full electronic route. Couple that with a PayPal payout scheme, and you don’t have to print checks anymore. By letting employees work from home, you reduce their transit impact on the environment. Run your business like connected servers on the cloud, and you can do away with the “office”.

Environmentally Green, And Profitable

It makes a lot of sense to “get off paper” when it comes to small business. This increases organization, your ability to respond to clients, and many other cost-effective things in addition to being good for the environment. If you can demonstrate your environmental efficiency to the proper authorities, there may even be government incentives available.

There’s a reason so many businesses today are utilizing cloud computing applications, as well as “smart” approaches to infrastructure and company organization. Simply put: it pays to.

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