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Making the Switch to Sustainable Sources for Your Business’ Fuel Demands

by Olufisayo
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The detrimental impacts of the oil and gas industry on the environment have long been public knowledge, and in response to this worldwide crisis, companies are starting to step up and implement sustainable solutions to meet the world’s unceasing demand for fuel.

But transitioning toward a greener practice is more than an ethical concern and those businesses that have made eco-conscious amendments to their operations are already seeing the benefits.

Read on to find out why you should make the switch to sustainable fuel sources, and how to do so.

The Why

Save the world

This one goes without saying. The foremost reason for going green is to protect the planet we live in. Showing that your business cares about the environment will show that it is not just another soulless firm. Give the people what they want: an entity that engages with and uplifts humanity, not one that desecrates the very system supporting its existence.

Boost your company’s reputation

Prioritizing sustainability not only elevates your business in the regard of your clientele (which is naturally followed by a rise in engagement and profits), but it also elevates your business in the regard of your current and potential employees.

When sustainability is at the core of a company, employees feel a greater sense of purpose­­­and an inspired and purpose-driven workforce is never bad for business.

Money, Money, Money

Whilst public support will inevitably bolster profits, the advantages of a sustainable business include lower costs of debt and equity, higher efficiency, and lower operational costs in the long run.

In other words: more money.

The How

Never let it be said that there are no alternatives to fossil fuels. While they still account for 84% of global energy consumption, they are not the only way to meet your business’, or even your personal fuel consumption needs, and more and more companies in the oil and gas industry are recognizing this.

One such company is Speedy Fuels, a Fuel and Lubricants Supplier with depots all over the UK. Whilst they do provide traditional fuel supplies, they are aware of the urgent need for renewable sources and have consequently made greener alternatives readily available across the country, making it easier for your business to put in the work.

Here are two examples:


HVO fuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil)is an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel and gas oil composed of fully renewable raw materials.

With a shelf life of up to 10 years, and up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions, HVO fuel is the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Carbon offset gas oil

Speedy Fuels also offers the opportunity to counteract the damage done by red diesel usage with their carbon offset gas oil, helping customers to minimize their impact on the environment.

They use the extra cost incurred to invest in schemes that work to cut down global CO2 output, including renewable energy, pollution control, reforestation, and enhancing water and air quality.

The Conclusion

Making the switch is not as daunting as it seems. There are many options available when it comes to choosing sustainable fuel and making the right decisions will have a tremendously positive effect on both your business and the environment.

Sustainability is no longer an optionif you want your business, and this planet to thrive, sustainability is mandatory.

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