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Customized Tax and Accounting Solutions for Startups and Small Businesses

by Olufisayo
Tax and Accounting Solutions

No business can scale efficiently without proper bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax preparation operations. These are always activities that are costlier to do in-house, but they can be outsourced cheaply to professionals who can handle every aspect of the tasks. FinancePal Business Services is a fully licensed and accredited Chicago accounting firm that helps small businesses manage their accounting and tax reports remotely.

Many accounting firms across the United States specialize in one or two financial operations, but FinancePal is a one-stop shop for a wide array of financial services such as payroll, tax filings, bookkeeping, bill payments, and advisory services among others. This tax and accounting firm is focused on helping startups and small businesses manage the financial side of things while entrepreneurs can focus on scaling their businesses.

You need a partner to manage your business finances

The financial health and future prospects of any viable business can be gleaned from its books. An independent accounting firm can keep your finances on track by deploying digital solutions that are customized to your specific needs – and budget – while assigning a dedicated team to manage your financials effectively.

A tax preparation and accounting firm such as FinancialPal has the innovative tools and cutting-edge expertise to advance your financial prospects. You can access digital technologies to manage your business financials while enjoying world-class resources to make your business thrive in record time.

An independent firm dedicated to providing IRS solutions remains critical to the growth initiatives and good footing with tax obligations throughout a business year. FinancialPal as a tax debt service firm that evolved from a Community Tax company in 2010 does not only balance company accounts, they generate crucial indices for economic projections and business expansions.

FinancePal offers a full package of financial services

With streamlined financial solutions in one place, FinancePal has a full spectrum of services that cover the following:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Catch-up accounting
  • Tax preparation and filing
  • Payroll and bill payments
  • Entity formations
  • Recovery and catch-up
  • Others

If you are ever ready to access insightful business metrics that facilitate financial planning with ease, then you must consider FinancePal. If you hate the idea of analyzing complex financial data or suffering the effects of inaccurate financial statements, then you must contact FinancePal to help. Many small businesses suffer tax penalties because their accountants did a shoddy job with the financial reporting, but you can do better forecasting if you’d partner with FinacePal today.


FinancePal and the business sectors they service

Servicing unique business needs is always a delight for professional tax managers. And FinancePal enjoys enviable accreditations to serve various industries such as –

  • Ecommerce
  • Real estate
  • Restaurant, bar, and hotel
  • Startups
  • Construction
  • Rental
  • Agriculture

Interestingly enough, FinancePal was not only set up to assist small businesses with their accounting needs; they also help private individuals to manage their books and deal with IRS concerns. Below is what MaryAnn Walters, a private business owner has to say:

“FinancePal has been providing accounting services to both my company and my personal accounts for four years or so,” said Walters. “If you ever need any accounting service, I strongly recommend working with them.”

And to inspire trust, FinancePal partners with other accounting firms such as Hubdoc, Quickbooks, Bills, Gusto, Xero, and T-Sheets among others to maximize financial service offerings that startups require to scale profitably.

A pricing plan that’s tailored to your specific needs

While it is possible to offer paid and free accounting and taxation services with limited offers, FinancePal prefers for all potential customers to hit the ground running. The firm discovered that most free plans offered by competitors are a complete waste of time with no solid values, so they stick to paid plans that are customizable to the specific needs of all small businesses.

“We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all pricing,” said founders Jacob Dayan and Nick Charveron. “We stand by our commitment to provide a pricing plan that’s tailored to your industry and business needs. It means we scale our services to ensure your financial bases are covered and you don’t have to pay for services you don’t need.”

There is a la carte pricing plan that covers an all-inclusive package as well as an affordable plan that is suitable for customers on a tight budget. If you are not sure of what pricing plans to go for, you can easily obtain a custom quote that reflects your business needs, industry services, and particular preferences.

Depending on your service needs and preferences, you can subscribe to a flat monthly rate or an annual payment that puts your mind at rest. You only need to speak to a customer care executive to work out the plans that are suitable to your budget and basic accounting requirements.

The unbeatable FinancePal’s guarantees

FinancePal does not claim to be the only tax preparation and accounting services firm out there, but it lays claim to providing cheap and affordable top-tier services that fully represent customers’ needs. Here are some of the firm’s most unbeatable comprehensive guarantees:

  • A dedicated US team of business professionals
  • Instant help from real account managers
  • Tax consulting experts buoyed by Community Tax
  • Easy access to customer support
  • Reliable tech-based accounting services
  • Useful reports with actionable insights
  • Timely and accurate monthly statements
  • Integrated tools and streamlined dashboards
  • Fast mobile applications
  • Data security against cyber-threats
  • Assurance of government compliance

Payroll and tax preparation, as well as bookkeeping operations, are more fun with FinancePal since this is an independent accounting partner that manages financial activities for business growth. Surplus inventory and financial shortfalls have become history, and payroll processing for accurate checks are now assured for quality business operations.

For instant financial decisions, pull up your latest reports on your smartphone and you know where your business stands at a moment’s notice with FinancePal. Enjoy insightful financial data that covers all aspects of your business in a professional manner that assures IRS guys that you know what you are doing today.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

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