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Are Tech Presents Suitable for Every Occasion or Would Food Gifts be a No-Risk Option?

by Olufisayo

Giving gifts is a significant component of communication between us humans. It defines and strengthens (or weakens) our relationships with friends, family, and lovers. We tend to give gifts to individuals we want to connect with; not just the romantic ones, any kind of relationship.

You voluntarily offer something when you offer gifts without wanting anything in exchange. It’s more than enough reason to make someone feel unique to make you give more. To be precise, gifts are valid tokens of affection without any expectation of compensation. That is why the whole process of choosing presents is something that should not be a chore; it must come straight from the heart.

Objects Vs Compliments

The type of gift doesn’t always need to be an object. Sometimes a card, a note, a text, or even a compliment can accomplish the same thing. However, it has been a common practice to exchange tangible things since time immemorial.

Whether it’s for seasonal holidays, a birthday of a friend or family member, a wedding, or any other gift-giving occasion, choosing the correct object to give to somebody can feel like a challenge. Although it seems unlikely, it is entirely possible to pick an excellent gift every time.

Type of Gifts

The selection of gifts loosely implies the giver-receiver relationship whether personal or professional. There are very specific gifts that only a particular recipient would enjoy (such as clothes where size and color matter), and there are generic gifts like flowers and sweets which everyone can easily utilize.

Books may also fall into a more generally accepted classification. It is fair to say that the mere act of giving has been demonstrated to make us happier than receiving. The monetary value of the gift doesn’t matter much.

Recent Gifting Trend

According to a recent research conducted by Pinterest, 34% more gift-givers want to treat their near ones to something practical – among the most common gifting concepts in this category are Tech presents like cable organizers, functional backpacks, wearables, and custom tech gizmos.

This proves that nowadays people desire to stay updated with the latest technology and even pass it on as gifts. Every year brings a horde of new tech-related gadgets, that drill holes in our budget and then, as a matter of fact, get outdated pretty soon.

Smart Alternative

Rather than buying predictable tech gift the next time you roll around the holiday season or a loved one’s birthday, why not opt for something that you know they’re going to use?

Edible gifts are perfect for practically anyone in your life. It is widely believed that the fastest way to your loved one’s heart is through the stomach! This is why edible items are considered to be one of the most appreciated gifts of all time.

Cakes, cookies, chocolates, sweets, dried fruits and nuts such as dates, almonds, cashews, pistachios amongst others are the most common food gifts that fall in the category of a ‘no-risk option’, meaning that such a present is appreciated by one and all.

Elegantly decorated hampers or gift sets are also great for gifting purposes. One should be extra careful while choosing edible gift items and consider the recipient’s current diet as well as a unique lifestyle.

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