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What’s Next For Technology Startups In 2021?

by Olufisayo
Technology Startups In 2021

Rustam Gilfanov gives an answer

IT entrepreneur and investor Rustam Gilfanov provides top 3 forecasts for changes in technology startups in the near future, given the crisis and the massive transition of enterprises to remote work.

Startups will be more active in developing social responsibility programs

94% of Gen Z representatives are convinced that business must solve social problems and have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Businesses of the future are focused not only on manufacturability and profitability but also on helping various social institutions. A considerable part of consumers, not just centennials, are now looking for businesses that appreciate ethics and sustainable culture.

Startups will put more emphasis on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has long been actively developing in the tech industry, but its availability will carry more weight in 2021. Although some enterprises still hesitate to integrate artificial intelligence into their current systems, it will soon become a common factor in the industry.

Actually, there is every prerequisite that in 10 years artificial intelligence integration and machine learning will help technology startups compete with bigger and more sustainable enterprises.

Resiliency will be an essential element for the success of technology startups

The pandemic has taught companies, and society at large, the importance of being resilient. This resiliency is crucial not only for the management and the workforce but also for the company’s business strategy and technological structure. It is vital to have a robust IT resiliency program if companies want to increase customer engagement, and if the goal is to survive even the most challenging situations.

According to Rustam Gilfanov, next year will be a boom time for medical, online education, space technology, and fintech startups. The investor believes that opportunities are always disguised as problems, and IT startups have every chance of making the most of these opportunities.


Rustam Gilfanov is a founding member of an IT enterprise and IT entrepreneur. He is also engaged in international investing.

Rustam Gilfanov originally hails from Basim, Permsky Region, Russian Federation. He was born on 6 January 1983. His father was a military officer. His mother was a school teacher.

Along with his companions, Gilfanov Rustam started an IT company in Kyiv in 2006. At present, this international enterprise is a leading manufacturer releasing software for the financial, marketing, and gaming industries.

Some time ago, Gilfanov decided to leave the company and start investing in attractive IT projects related to live video streaming, fintech, and gaming. Besides, it is crucial for Rustam Gilfanov to invest in Ukrainian charity initiatives. The major ones are Libraries of the Future and LuckyBooks.

Gilfanov Rustam has a wife and one daughter.

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