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Take Advantage of Telephone Counseling/Online Therapy If Coronavirus Lockdown Won’t Let You Out

by Olufisayo
Telephone Counseling

You can definitely take advantage of telephone counseling and online therapy if the current Coronavirus lockdown wouldn’t let you out of your home.

Considering the unexpected family and financial difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people around the world are now suffering from mental health challenges – even though they wouldn’t readily admit it.

The truth however remains that without some form of remote therapy, many people would go insane if the Coronavirus pandemic persists.

The current lockdown associated with the pandemic and the resultant loss of jobs and enforced social distancing with family and relatives is simply unbearable for people who are prone to anxiety, bipolar, substance abuse, detachment, domestic violence, panic attacks, paranoia, and personal failures among other midlife crises.

Many people have become suicidal and simply erratic with the extended lockdown and bleak future staring them in the face – and it is only online or distance therapy that can help at this time – if they will take their destiny in their hands and access it.

Online therapy is an alternative form of traditional face-to-face counseling therapy. It is a situation where you take advantage of communication technologies such as email, SMS, live video, and telephone to obtain counseling for a wide range of personal, career, and family or spiritual issues.

In fact, with online therapy, individuals and couples can access marriage counseling, career advice, health solutions, spiritual guidance, and family support via digital technologies. Whatever anyone faces in life, instant and personalized help is available from licensed online therapists.

Although there are no doubts that face-to-face therapy sessions have their merits because of visual cues and emotional responses, most people do not have the time or luxury to visit the offices of conventional therapists or counselors.

Many people are not able to attend in-person counseling sessions with therapists because they have physical disabilities that impair locomotion, have no access to ready transportation, have busy work schedules, and suffer from social anxiety. For such people, telephone counseling and online therapy is the best option for obtaining help.

With professional online therapy platforms such as BetterHelp, a patient can obtain instant and personalized help services that will give meaning and directions to his life.

A dedicated and licensed therapist is assigned to a patient to help with specific situations such as mental health challenges and family crisis among others, and every communication is private and confidential between the patient and the accredited therapist.

Either with live video conferencing, text messages, instant messaging chats, and emails, everything is personalized and customized to the utmost benefits of the patients.

With the drawn-out challenges of the Coronavirus lockdown, everyone should seek professional help if they feel unstable and disoriented as a result of personal or job losses.

Since social distancing and self-isolation are prescribed to curtail the spread of the pandemic, people facing mental health challenges must reach out to telephone to online counselors who could help them weather the present storms.

For a token of about $40 to $60 per week (instead of the $250 to $550 charged by office-based therapists per hour), anyone can obtain the much-needed help needed to live life happily, successfully, and victoriously.

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